An All-time Bluejays 25-man Roster

Tom's post today about adding any single player from the past to the current roster got me thinking about an all-time 25 man roster. I used peak season as my criteria, and constructed the staff as follows: 13 pitchers (5 starters, a swingman, and 7 relievers) and 12 position players (2 catchers, 8 other starters, a 4th outfielder and a utility infielder) which is the way the roster is currently constructed. With a pitching staff as strong as I am able to pick, I'd be inclined to carry fewer pitchers and have a longer bench. On the other hand, with a line-up this strong, how much would you use the bench?

The team, after the jump!

Staring Pitchers:

Name Position Throws Year ERA+ rWAR
Pat Hentgen SP R 1996 156 8.4
Dave Stieb SP R 1984 146 7.7
Jimmy Key SP L 1987 164 6.6
Roy Halladay SP R 2003 145 7.5
Roger Clemens SP R 1997 222 10.3

It pains me to include Clemens, but he had the two best seasons ever posted by a Jay.

I have one Swing-man:

Todd Stottlemyre RP/SP R 1991 112 3.8

My bullpen is quite loaded:

Name Position Throws Year ERA+ rWAR
Tom Henke CL R 1987 182 3.4
Duane Ward SU R 1992 211 3.2
Mark Eichhorn RP R 1986 249 6.4
Scott Downs RP L 2008 238 3.0
Jerry Garvin RP L 1980 190 2.6
Tony Castillo RP L 1994 192 2.4
Paul Quantrill RP R 1997 234 3.0

Eichhorn's 1986 surprised me. 6.4 rWAR, 157 IP, NO STARTS!

My position players:

Name Position Bats Year OPS+ rWAR
Ernie Whitt C L 1983 115 3.0
Pat Borders C2 R 1990 120 2.7
John Olerud 1B L 1993 186 8.2
Roberto Alomar 2B S 1992 130 6.4
Tony Fernandez SS S 1987 112 5.0
Kelly Gruber 3B R 1988 113 4.8
Manny Lee UTIF S 1992 83 2.8
Jose Bautista RF R 2011 181 8.5
Lloyd Moseby CF L 1984 127 6.2
Shawn Green LF L 1999 143 5.9
Jesse Barfield 4OF R 1986 145 7.3
Paul Molitor DH R 1993 143 5.7

If you think I cheated by moving Green from RF to LF, George Bell's 1987 would be my replacement.

I also debated using Damaso Garcia as the utility infielder - he had more speed in case you need a stolen base late in the game - or John McDonald's 2007 (where he put up 1.8 rWAR which was 100% defense) for a pure defensive replacement able to play 2B, SS and 3B.

There was plenty of choice at first. Olerud's '93 was outstanding, plus his career dWAR was 9.7.

The corner outfielder aren't defensive butchers, but neither are known for their defense. Barfield was the best defensive corner outfielder that was a regular starter. Can you imagine Barfield as the 4th outfielder? from '85 to '88 his dWAR was never below 2.0!

For DH, I restricted my choices to players that primarily DH'd, otherwise, Delgado (2000, 7.6 oWAR) or McGriff (1989, 6.6 WAR) would have been in the running.

We haven't had great season by a catcher. I hope if I revisit this list in 4 or 5 years that Lawrie will have supplanted Gruber off the list and either JPA or Travis d'Arnaud are among the catchers.

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