Game Thread for Split Squad Games of March 17

Mar. 14, 2012; Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA;The entrance to the Braves spring training home. Wouldn't it be nice to be there today? Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

The Jays have two road games today, both of which will be on, so I'm going to be trying to watch two games at once. The one against the Phillies will be on the FAN 590 in the Toronto area and the game against the Braves is on Game Day Audio. Well, both are on Game Day Audio.

The spring has been a lot of fun, so far, with the Jays 12-2. Beyond the record, I've been very impressed with how our starters are throwing. The 5 that are expected to be in the rotation have each done well. We are getting close to the time of the spring where pitchers tend to go through a dead arm period, so don't be too concerned if there is the odd bad start, but, up until now, there hasn't been much to complain about with the starters.

The Jays lineup for the Phillies game:

Johnson, 2B

Vizquel, SS

Encarnacion, 1B

Rasmus, CF

Arencibia, C

Thames, LF

Francisco, RF

Mathis, C

Bocock, 3B

Brandon Morrow gets the start. I think he should be up to 4 innings by now. Very interested to watch him today. Luis Perez, Rick VanDerHurk and Jerry Gil are also to pitch.

In the game against the Braves, Drew Hutchison starts. Deck McGuire, Jesse Chavez, Robert Coelle and Jim Hoey will also pitch.

The Jays lineup for the Braves game:

Davis, CF

Snider, LF

d'Arnaud, C

Cooper, 1B

McDade, DH

Valbuena, SS

Diaz, 2B

Woodware, 3B

Gose, CF

Brett Lawrie is out day-to-day with the groin strain. I'm pretty sure, if this was the season, he would be playing, but no sense in pushing it now.

I want to remind everyone that we don't want talk about illegal streams in the threads at all this season. Also, I wanted to remind that if a moderator asks you to stop doing something, in a thread, please just stop. Don't argue and don't try to turn the thread into a debate on the rules. You want to complain, about the rules or a moderator, email me. It really doesn't add to a thread to have a debate on the rules.

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