BBB Community Overall Prospect #25 - Chris Hawkins vs. Joe Musgrove

And so we have reached the last poll to determine the Community Top 25, after an intensive democratic process that I think spurred some good debate. With Matt Dean on the Big Board to once again even up the number of pitchers and position players, the final matchup features Musgrove against 2010 draftee Chris Hawkins, of Appy League runner-up Bluefield (fun fact: both Bluefield and Lansing lost their respective championship series to St. Louis affiliates in 2011). Will our list have more pitchers or position players? You Be the Judge! As usual, use Rec's to vote. As an addendum to the Community List, we'll add a few Honourable Mentions, including the player not elected from this poll, John Stilson (winner of #14 pitcher poll) and we'll also add another position player, so please also vote on the poll at the bottom to elect position player #14. We'll keep this open through Wednesday and on Thursday I'll publish the final list (with links to all polls).


Matt Dean - 62.5%

Joe Musgrove - 37.5%


Chris Hawkins - OF (age 20 on 4/1/2012); 6'2", 195 lbs; Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Acquired: 2010 Draft (3-93) - $350,000 signing bonus

Pre-2011 Rankings: Fangraphs #30, Sickels (others of note)

Pre-2012 Rankings: BP #11, Fangraphs #15, Sickels (others of note)

Joe Musgrove - SP (age 19 on 4/1/2012); 6'5", 230 lbs; Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Acquired: 2011 Draft (1s-46) - $500,000 signing bonus


Pre-2012 Rankings: BP #14, Sickels: #15 (B-)


1. Travis d'Arnaud - 90.6%

2. Anthony Gose - 65.9%

3. Drew Hutchison - 56.7%

4. Jake Marisnick - 97%

5. Noah Syndergaard - 74.4%

** Nestor Molina - 75.8%

6. Deck McGuire - 65.7%

7. Justin Nicolino - 55.0%

8. Adeiny Hechavarria - 75%

9. Daniel Norris - 87.9%

10. AJ Jimenez - 55.3%

11. Aaron Sanchez - 79.3%

12. Carlos Perez - 60.7%

13. Adonys Cardona - 65.8%

14. Joel Carreno - 51.2%

15. Chad Jenkins - 56.7%

16. David Cooper - 53.8%

17. Asher Wojciechowski - 64.3%

18. Marcus Knecht - 60.9%

19. Kevin Comer - 85.0%

20. Moises Sierra - 57.1%

21. Michael Crouse - 65.6%

22. Jacob Anderson - 81.5%

23. Roberto Osuna - 51.9%

24. Matt Dean - 62.5%

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