Bluebirdbanter League at Fangraphs the Game

Hello Banterers,

Over at Fangraps they have something called The Game, a game in which you can pick a player daily to accumulate WAR for you. You can compete in the categories Catcher, Shortstop, First Baseman, Second Baseman, Third Baseman, Outfielder, Starting Pitcher and Relief Pitcher. You have a seasonal budget of $1000 to spend (per position), and Fangraphs determines ahead of the games how much a player is worth that day. This is a simple, fun game, and joining late (like I've done myself) isn't necessarily a disadvantage, as you'll have more dollars to spend per day.

If you'd like to join the custom league I've created, let me know the name of your player and I'll add you to the league.

I'd like to urge everyone to minimize the amount of discussion in other threads about these kinds of fantasy-type baseball games, especially rooting against the Jays because you've picked a player on the opposing team is very much frowned upon. If you want to discuss The Game, keep it in specialized threads like this one.

To help us all out with doing well at The Game, here´s some strategy tips by Fangraphs writer Zach Sanders:

1. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all
Because there is a 162-game limit for each player you create, there are going to be days in which you do not need to select someone to represent you. If you don’t see a matchup you like at a price you feel good about, there’s no need to force someone to represent you and post negative WAR because of it. This is especially true early on, when you are trying to get a feel for how players have developed and will ultimately perform this year.

2. Ballparks are a huge deal
Since WAR is built on FIP and not xFIP, homers are going to be what kills pitchers. Anytime you get a good pitcher playing in places like Petco, Safeco, PNC, or O.Co, you’re going to want to take advantage of it, even if it costs you an extra dollar or two then you were planning on spending.

3. Rested relievers are a good bet
Picking relievers is a major crapshoot, but there’s something you can do to maximize your odds of having your bullpen member enter the game. Relievers who haven’t pitched in a few days are much more likely to enter the game in any situation, including a blowout, since they need to get their work in.

4. Platoons
Of course, you should try to take advantage of platoon splits whenever possible. I assume you already knew that.

5. Check the lineups!
If you select a player and he doesn’t start, you might as well have taken your budget, doused it in lighter fluid, thrown it in a dumpster where a hobo sleeps, and lit it on fire. Finding a website that posts lineups for all games in a timely manner can be difficult, but I’ve found Baseball Press is as reliable as they come. And no, they did not pay me to say that.

I'm hoping for a lot of competitors, as this game really doesn't take much time. Have fun!

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