Is there a Relationship between new Uniforms and Records?

As we approach the Jays first season wearing their new uniforms, I've decided to take a look back at the last decade of major MLB uniform redesigns to see how those teams performed and if the Jays performing well would be bucking a trend or following it. I've chosen the last decade as my time frame for one main reason; uniforms have become much more constant, as opposed to the 70s through 90s where teams changed their uniform designs on a regular basis.

A "major change" to a team's uniform is either them changing their primary, i.e. across the chest, word mark, a change in the style of jersey, e.g. addition/removal of undershirt sleeves, or a complete overhaul of uniform.

2003 - 2004

Toronto Blue Jays – Removal of blue from colour palate and word mark. – 2003 record: 86-76 - 2004 record: 67-94 – 19 win downgrade

Al_2003_toronto_medium Al_2004_toronto_medium

2004 - 2005

Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Added green undershirt sleeves to home jerseys, ray to word mark. 2004 record: 70-91 – 2005 record: 67-95 – 3 win downgrade



Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals – Move to Washington, become Nationals – 2004 record: 67-95 – 2005 record: 81-81 – 14 win improvement



2005 - 2006

Kansas City Royals – Blue undershirt sleeves from home and road, blue belts – current – 2005 record: 56-106 – 2006 record: 62-100 – 6 win improvement



2006 - 2007

Arizona Diamondbacks – Purple and Green pinstripes – current – 2006 record: 76-86 – 2007 record: 90-72 – 14 win improvement



Cincinnati Reds – Red (home) and black (road) undershirt sleeves, black belts – current – 2006 record: 80-82 – 2007 record: 72-90 – 8 win downgrade



Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays – Green undershirt sleeves – current – 2007 record: 66-96 – 2008 record: 97-65 – 31 win improvement



Pittsburgh Pirates – Black undershirt sleeves – current – 2008 record: 67-95 – 2009 record: 62-99 – 5 loss downgrade



2010 - 2011

Washington Nationals – Block lettering word mark on home jerseys – modern – 2010 record: 69-93 – 2011 record: 80-81 – 11 win improvement.


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These nine seasons average to 4.5 additional wins per year in the season immediately following the uniform change. The removal of the outlying seasons (+ 31 for the Rays and -14 for Toronto) the average is approximately 4.14 wins added. Although there is a correlation, it definitely isn't a strong one.

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