Sergio Santos blows a second straight save opportunity - Jays lose in the ninth - 4-2

Apr 9, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Henderson Alvarez (37) delivers a pitch against the Boston Red Sox at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

That was a disaster. Plain and simple.

Everything was moving along fairly smoothly until the ninth inning, The Jays were playing decent defense and they had scored enough runs to take the lead. Sergio Santos comes into the game and proceeds to let everything collapse around him like he is in an Inception Dream.

At first I wasn't too angry with Santos, he started the inning giving up a double to Dustin Pedoria. The pitch was shoulder level on the inside of the plate, how he got his bat on it to drive a double LF I will never know. From there, things got worse. Pass balls and a sac fly was enough to tie the game. Subsequent multiple walks, hits and more wildness was enough to fall behind 4-2. Giving up a hit on a fastball like that to Pedoria is fine, walking 3 in an inning? Not so much. Santos needs to sort his stuff out.

Not that it was all to blame on Santos. J.P. Arencibia didn't have the greatest day at or behind the plate (with the exception of a nice throw to get a running David Ortiz) and the rest of the lineup didn't fair much better against the Sox. Only Colby Rasmus looked decent hitting a solid line drive to the gap and showing off the wheels to stretch it into a triple. He also made a fantastic catch in the field.

The Jays only managed 5 hits on the day in total, In addition to the Rasmus triple there were 4 singles one each by Escobar, Johnson, Encarnacion and Lawrie.

On the mound, While he wasn't dominant Henderson Alvarez was effective. He went 6 strong innings giving up 4Hits and 1BB. One of the hits was a HR from Pedoria. Wouldn't mind seeing a few more strikeouts as he was only able to manage 2 against the tough Sox lineup but I really can't complain. Oliver and Cordero each pitched a solid inning each combining for 1H and 3ks. Oliver was helped out by the great throw from Arencibia mentioned earlier but still looked good.

Jays of the Day, Alvarez .247 and Cordero .126 No one else has the Numbers although Im tempted to give one to Colby for a good day (he only managed a .043 WPA).

Suckage Jays - Santos -.746 (<-- amazing) and Jose Bautista -.126

This just sucked. No ways around it. And watching the gamethread turn on itself (while an interesting view into human dynamics) is not fun either. Tomorrow is another day with Kyle Drabek taking on Josh Daniel Bard. Hopefully we won't have any melt downs to focus on.

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