Brett Lawrie Plays Hero, Hits Walk Off Home Run

Brett, buddy, I love ya, but please don't hurt yourself doing this. Credit: John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Rangers 7 Blue Jays 8

Sergio Santos better recover quickly, because this Francisco Cordero thing is getting old. Cordero came into the top of the 9th with a 1 run lead, and got 2 quick outs. Then 3 straight singles, and Francisco has second blown save of the season. Fortunately, he got out of the inning with us tied and Brett Lawrie got to play hero hitting a lead off, walk off homer in the bottom of the inning.

Drew Hutchison had the start, and was good for 5 of his 6 innings. In the second inning, Drew gave up 5 runs, on 4 singles, a walk and a Jose Bautista misplayed 'double'. Any other outfielder and that's a single plus error (or if the outfield had decent range, a fly out) but the official scorer must be scared of Jose. I don't know what to think of that inning for Drew, he really didn't have anything hit really hard. If one of those singles had been hit a little harder an outfield could have got under it and saved us some runs. Other than that inning he was very good, against one of the very best offenses in the AL.

Carlos Villanueva pitched a scoreless 1.2 and Darren Oliver came in to get the last out of the 8th.

Our offense had some good moments, Kelly Johnson hit a 3 run homer, Bautista hit a monster shot and Lawrie had the game winning homer. Edwin Encarnacion didn't homer, after getting one in each of the last 4 games, but he did have a single and a walk. Jeff Mathis took 2 walks.

The only ones in the lineup not to contribute were Adam Lind (0 for 4, with 2 k) and Eric Thames (0 for 4, 1 k).

Jays of the Day are Lawrie (.403 WPA), Johnson (.356), Bautista (.150) and Villanueva (.137) and Rasmus (.115). Suckage: Hutchison has the number at -.274. Also Corder (-.180) and Lind (-.218).

Great to see Jose hit one so deep. Both Kelly and Lawrie had their home runs bounce off the top of the wall and over.

Edwin Encarnacion was unlucky, getting thrown out at second on a wild pitch that bounced off the wall, behind the plate, right back to the catcher, who made a good throw to get EE at second. Omar Vizquel was ejected from the game for heckling the home plate umpire from the bench.

Tomorrow's rubber match is an afternoon game, 12:30 Eastern. Get your Pick 6 choices in early.

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