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Apr 28, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; The bases rest on a dolly before the Seattle Mariners game against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre. The Blue Jays beat the Mariners 7-0. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Nice series win against the Rangers! Game recaps from yesterday afternoons win from Brendan Kennedy (Toronto Star), Bill Lankhof, Wilner and Robert Macleod. I also have recaps from The 51s' win yesterday, and the Fisher Cats loss. How does everyone think we'll do in Los Angeles this weekend? I think I'd be happy with the Jays winning two - thoughts? Oh, and for a little bit of hilarious, check out the Worst call of the MLB season so far. Lots more links today so keep reading!


Carlos Villanueva Explains Role With MLBPA
Interesting article on Charlie V.

Homers and Pride
Joanna at Hum and Chuck with some thoughts about the Rangers series.

Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels
Preview of the Jays next series - at least they don't have to face Weaver.

Jose Bautista is El Hombre compared to Albert Pujols
Griffin writes about the Angels struggles.

Woman celebrates 100th birthday at Blue Jays game
Awesome! This is what I want to do for my 100th birthday! Except, my birthday isn't in the summer. So, maybe my 100 yr, 6 month birthday. Or my 99 yr, 6 month birthday just in case I don't make it that far.

Omar Vizquel hints toward retirement
He's 51% sure that this is his last year.

A few more Jays links, and lots from around the league after the jump!

Jays' first-round selections display different tastes
Kevin Gray writes about what New Hampshire prospects have bought with their signing bonuses. My favorite, from RHP Clint Everts:

Signing bonus: $2.5 million. Memorable purchase: cell phone. "I never had a cell phone in high school. It wasn’t until I got drafted that I finally bought one," Everts said. "Seriously, it was the best thing ever. Everyone had a cell phone except me."

Justin Jackson was a close second.

Greetings From Dunedin – May 2
Another super in-depth prospect update post from the Drunks.

Top 50 Blue Jays Prospects: No. 28 Joel Carreno
Jays Journal continues their prospect list. They have all kinds of info about these prospects so check that out.


Dream Weaver?
In case you missed it, Jared Weaver no hit the Twins yesterday. Mick Doherty at Batter's Box writes about all the times Weaver has been 2nd in something.

Pop Chart Lab — A Bronx Baseball Breakdown
This is a pretty amazing infographic.

Evan Longoria Down, Rays Out?
Eno Sarris at FanGraphs attempts to project how Longoria's injury will effect the Rays playoff chances.

Pitcher Aging Curves: Starters and Relievers
Another interesting piece at FanGraphs.

Justin Verlander's Obviously A Freak ... But Is He The Greatest Freak?
Who would you take in a 'must win' game?

Pettitte: I may have misunderstood Clemens
Hmmm, okay.

In Praise Of Jim Leyland
Parkes writes about the awesomeness of the long time manager.

Red Sox To Sign Mark Prior
Another comeback attempt. Hard to believe that Prior is only 31.

Report: Dodgers Interested In Bobby Abreu
And here I thought his career was over.

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