my MLB power ranking, May Edition

you can see edition #1 here.... from April 1st.

I posted on a few team's SB Nation's team page sites and Bluebird Banter was one of them, hope you enjoy :)

May 5th, 2012

shs_59's MLB Power Rankings!

1. Texas Rangers (up 1)

#2 bullpen in all of baseball behind only the Atlanta Braves, Joe Nathan has been really really good. That offense is picking up right where they left off from the past 2 seasons, and Yu Darvish has been a little better than I thought he'd be. Silly to have them at #2 on March 30th right?

2. Tampa Bay Rays (up 5)

No Longoria? No major issues, at least for a while. Their pitching staff, even without Farnsworth and Howell, can be just down right nasty, and carry any offense to a very respectable record. Desmond Jennings is shannon stewart 2.0. Only he may end up with a better career.

3. St. Louis Cardinals (up 7)

Well, no Wainwright last year?, problem. Ok well, no Carpenter this year?, check,..... no problem. It amazes me what Their pitching coach(s) do seemingly every season with that staff, Lance Lynn is good. Kyle Lohse is pitching out of his mind right now, Garcia is a solid #2-3 type of starter. They'll be more than fine. And Pujols who is he again? No big deal. Carlos Beltran, John Jay, and Matt Holliday = Best OF in baseball; At least for a while over teams like Miami, Washington, and LA Dodgers.

4. New York Yankees (down 1)

Losing Mariano Rivera is a big downer for them, but hey they still have Robertson, Soriano, and others to help fill his shoes, its not like they'll altogether miss the post-season because of Rivera's loss. Derek Jeter is playing more like 2009 or '10 than 2011. I still wouldn't trust Texiera for much longer, and Cano better start hitting but its the Yankees.

5. Washington Nationals (up 3)

I really liked them coming into the year, I predicted them to get to the NLCS before they lose out. And now they've called up Bryce Harper ALREADY? Are you kidding me? This team is scary scary good, I wouldn't want to play them when Zimmerman gets back off the DL. Harper, Werth, Espinosa, Desmond, Ramos, Zimmerman, LaRoche. Yikes. Best Starting pitching and Bullpen combo in Baseball? Probably.

6. Toronto Blue Jays (up 6)

Too bad they're in the AL East, and not anywhere else in baseball divisionally. But you know what? There are 5...count 'em FIVE playoff teams this year. And barring any setbacks or major injuries the Blue Jays, assuming they get Jose Bautista's bat going again, will be one of them. Henderson Alvarez needs to get some swings and misses soon, also would really help.

7. Detroit Tigers (down 3)

Fister went down, Ohh no. Valverde came back to Earth. Damn. Delmon Young, ahh well, being Delmon Young. With all that said, I speculated bringing them down just below the top 10. But said wait a minute.....Verlander, Smyly, Turner, Schzerzer, Poor-cillo & Cabrera, Fielder. ! ? - They'll be alright.

8. Cincinatti Reds (down 2)

Still think this is a better team than the Brewers, and for me, it isn't that close. Cueto has been DOMINANT, but Mat Latos not so much. I really like them once Cozart, Heisey and Mesoraco start hitting. Put that with Votto, Bruce, Stubbs, Phillips and look out National League! That bullpen is twice as good as the Brewers once Madson returns. My question is can they catch the Cards?

9. Atlanta Braves (up 8)

Well, we already knew they had a ridiculous bullpen, and despite what the stats say, they're #1 in all of baseball talent, abililty wise. They have a capable offense. Chipper is back, and they'll probably be a streaky offensive team. But the Starting Pitching is everything for them this year. If Hudson can pitch like a TOR or Front guy for them, along with Beachy, Hanson, Minor and Delgado with Teheran looming, they'll probably make a playoff push all year long, still think they'll wind up missing the playoffs though.

10. Los Angeles Dodgers (up 9)

I predicted come May, or I think i said come early June. They'll crack the top upper enchillon of MLB teams. And they did just that, only a bit sooner than I expected. They're a really good team. Who in the NL West can really challenge them besides the Diamondbacks? Maybe the Giants? We'll see.... The NL west is probably the 3rd best division in all of baseball this year, behind only the AL East, and NL East. For many of you reading this, you'll probably think this is very low. But Its obvious they're playing a little over they're head(s) right now, especially Matt Kemp you can't keep a (on pace for) 75 HR season going for long.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (up 1)

12. Boston Red Sox (down 3 )

13. San Francisco Giants (down 2)

14. Philadelphia Phillies ( --- )

15. Colorodo Rockies (down 8)

16. Miami Marlins (down 1 )

17. Baltimore Orioles ( Up 13) HIGH

18. Cleveland Indians (up 3)

19. Los Angeles Angels ( Down 18) LOW - (i was wrong wrong about them, but Pujols this bad really?)

20. Chicago White Sox (up 7)

21. Milwaukee Brewers (up 3)

22. Oakland Athletics (down 2)

23. New York Mets (up 5)

24. Minnesota Twins (down 6)

25. Houston Astros (up 4) - Prediction time : Astros will crack top 15/16 before year is over. Altuve is a STUD.

26. Pittsburgh Pirates ( --- )

27. Chicago Cubs (down 2)

28. Kansas City Royals (down 10) - Where's all the piching? Yordano Ventura, Jacob Odorizzi -keep say'n it Royals fans. Keep say'n it.

29. San Diego Padres (down 6) - They should be really really good, Like Toronto Blue Jays good in 2-4 years but unitll then eeeeeeeeeeek.

30. Seattle Mariners (down 8) - Really think they might be the worst offense in baseball, AND i LIKE Seager and Liddi. They are what they are. After King Felix their pitching staff doesn't do a whole lot for me today, and their bullpen after League and Whihelmson is sort of messy.

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