Rajai Davis Gets Walkoff Hit: Slightly Longer Recap

Somewhere in the middle of that, Rajai Davis is getting the tar beat out of him for winning the game for us. That will teach him. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Phillies 5 Blue Jays 6

That was a great day at the ballpark. I had a great time, meeting folks from the site and getting to see the Jays win, in walk off fashion.

The best part of the game was seeing that John Farrell can learn from his mistakes. After not using Casey Janssen in a tie game twice last week, and watching the team lose with their best arm sitting in the pen, today Farrell used Casey with the game tied. Great job Farrell. Casey pitched a scoreless 9th.

Also nice to see Francisco Cordero pitch a scoreless inning and get a win. I still don't understand supposed Blue Jay fans booing the guy when he comes into a game. Cheering against our team seems, at best, counter productive. Cordero gave up a walk in his scoreless inning.

Ricky Romero wasn't great. With a bit of luck, it could have turned out better. With 2 out and 1 on in the 3rd, a Ty Wiggington ball just made it through the infield. A little luck and it would have been an out. Then John Mayberry, Jr hit one that just cleared the left field wall. In all, Ricky went 6 innings (6 needed innings, less wouldn't have been good for the pen) giving up 7 hits, 4 earned, 1 walk, 3 k. Glad to see him keep the walks down again. Robert Coello, just recalled, pitched 2 innings, gave up a run in his second inning of work.

On offense, we got lots of hits, finally. 15 hits on the day. We should have scored more. We scored 1 in the 2nd on a Yunel Escobar homer. One more in the 3rd, Colby Rasmus singled home Rajai Davis. The Jays tried to steal another run, sending Colby to second on a 'steal attempt, he stopped before 2nd, and Brett Lawrie tried to make it home but was just out at the plate. Good time to try it with 2 outs and 2 strikes on Edwin.

We got tying runs in the 8th.Jose Bautista walked, Edwin singled and should have been thrown out trying to stretch it to a double, but Jimmy Rollins made a bad throw to 2nd, letting Jose and Edwin score. Edwin ran through Brian Butterfield's stop sign and was easy safe. Kelly Johnson and David Cooper singled, then J.P. Arencibia hit a ground rule double, scoring the tying run but we would have had the go ahead run if the ball didn't bounce out of play.

In the 10 Yunel walked, moved to second on a balk, then moved to 3rd when Mike McCoy ground out. Rajai hit a deep fly single to bring in the winning run. Walkoff wins are great.

Jays of the Day are Yunel (.261 WPA, 3 hits including the homer), Rajai (.196), Cooper (.174), Cordero (.147), Casey (.147) and Edwin (.112). Suckage goes to Brett Lawrie (-.158, even with a 2 for 5), Ricky (-.125), Bautista (-.115, 0 for 4, walk) and Yan Gomes (-.106).

Good to see Cooper get a hit, his first in a while. Also nice to keep Cliff Lee from getting his first win of the season. I'm also glad the Phillies are too dumb to put a RH reliever out there to face Davis with the game on the line.

I really enjoyed out meet up at Loose Moose. It's great to put a face to some of the names on here. Had, maybe, a couple too many flying barking squirrel type beers. Hoping that next year we get to meet some more.

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