I Can't Believe Another Starter Left With An Injury: Still Jays Beat Red Sox

With how fragile out players have seemed, of late, I'll admit I was a little worried watching our outfielders celebrate the win. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Blue Jays 9 Red Sox 6

We had a good time at Moose McGuire's, for our Calgary meetup, until Henderson Alvarez left the game with an injury. Elbow soreness is the official reason for him coming out of the game. I really hope it isn't serious, but I've been conditioned, by the last couple of weeks, to think that it likely will be.

We jumped out to a quick lead, Brett Lawrie singed and Colby Rasmus hit one of those really short Fenway Park homers into he right field corner. I like it when that park helps us. An error, an Edwin Encarnacion double and and a Rajai Davis RBI ground out put us up 4-0 before Boston had a chance to bat. David Ortiz hit a 2 run home in the bottom of the inning to half our lead.

Colby got his 3rd RBI in the second with a single, driving in Ben Francisco, who hit a double in his first at bat since coming back to the team. But Henderson gave up 3 runs over the next couple of innings to allow the Red Sox to tie things again.

J.P. Arencibia hit a 2 run homer in the 6th to get us the lead again, his first home run since May 27th. Hope it starts another hot streak. Jose Bautista hit 24th homer in the 7th, another 2 run shot.

Jason Frasor, Fransico Cordero, Darren Oliver and Casey Janssen (getting save number 8) shut the Red Sox down for the last 4 innings, to hold the win for Henderson. Oliver had a bit of trouble, giving up Ortiz' second home run of the game and a double an couple of outs later, but we could afford the run. That's the first run against Oliver since June 2.

Jays of the Day are JP (.196 WPA) and Rasmus (.172). Alvarez got the Suckage number at -.153, but I can't give the guy the award when he comes out of the game with an injury.

Tomorrow night we have the second game of the series with the Red Sox. Aaron Laffey gets his first start as a Jay. Dice K goes for the Bostonians.

I had a great time tonight with Minor Leaguer, Craig from Calgary, HabsFanInCalgary and gmaco03 and Minor's friend, who doesn't get a shout out because he doesn't have a screen name, so he really doesn't exist. The 2 hour rain delay went by quickly with the good company. We'll have to do it again. But now, it's late, I'm tired, good night all.

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