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I charted Marcus Stroman's starts for Duke during his Sophomore and Junior years. I wanted to see how he faired against the best teams in the NCAA and to put his consolidated stats into context. I also made note of the pitch counts, to see if his arm was abused excessively while in college.

He has a pretty fresh arm for a college pitcher. He was a reliever until 2010 (his sophomore year), and even then he didn't start a game until March 4th against La Salle (the season started February 18th). On the year he ended up starting only 8 games, pitching 64.1 innings, and throwing approximately 1,007 pitches (minus the VT game) or 15.7 pitches per inning, which is about major league average.

2010-2011 Season

Duke vs Campbell

1(ip) 0(h) 0(r) 0(er) 1(bb) 2(so) 24(np)

Duke vs Villanova

1(ip) 0(h) 0(r) 0(er) 0(bb) 0(so) 10(np)

Duke vs La Salle

5(ip) 3(h) 0(r) 0(er) 0(bb) 8(so) 68(np)

Duke vs NC State

1(W) 7(ip) 5(h) 1(r) 1(er) 0(bb) 7(so) 100(np)

Duke vs Clemson

1(L) 4.2(ip) 11(h) 6(r) 6(er) 2(bb) 7(so) 96(np)

Duke vs North Carolina

5(ip) 7(h) 2(r) 2(er) 2(bb) 6(so) 101(np)

Duke vs Georgia Tech

1(sv) 2(ip) 0(h) 0(r) 0(er) 1(bb) 5(so) 35(np)

Duke vs Wofford

1(sv) 1.2(ip) 1(h) 0(r) 0(er) 0(bb) 4(so) 21(np)

Duke vs UNC Greensboro

1(sv) 1(ip) 1(h) 0(r) 0(er) 1(bb) 1(so) 17(np)

Duke vs Boston College

7(ip) 6(h) 1(r) 1(er) 1(bb) 9(so) 109(np)

Duke vs Virginia

1(L) 3.2(ip) 5(h) 1(r) 1(er) 2(bb) 5(so) 76(np)

Duke vs Florida State

1(L) 5(ip) 5(h) 6(r) 6(er) 4(bb) 9(so) 99(np)

Duke vs Virginia Tech

1(W) stats N/A (Virginia scored 2)

Duke vs Mount St Mary's

7(ip) 6(h) 1(r) 1(er) 2(bb) 11(so) 104(np)

Duke vs Wake Forest

1(W) 8(ip) 3(h) 1(r) 1(er) 3(bb) 11(so) 119(np)

Duke vs Miami

1(sv) 1.1(ip) 1(h) 0(r) 0(er) 1(bb) 1(so) 28(np)

(2011) 3-4(w-l) 17(g) 8(gs) 4(sv) 2.80(era) 64.1(ip) 59(h) 1(hr) 21(bb) 90(so)

2011-2012 Season

Duke vs Texas

1(L) 5(ip) 4(h) 3(r) 3(er) 6(bb) 3(so) 26(bf)

Duke vs Canisius

7(ip) 6(h) 2(r) 2(er) 2(bb) 10(so) 112(np)

Duke vs George Washington

1(W) 7(ip) 2(h) 0(r) 0(er) 0(bb) 17(so) 105(np)

Duke vs Florida State

1(L) 7.1(ip) 5(h) 5(r) 4(er) 3(bb) 9(so) 123(np)

Duke vs Miami

1(W) 7(ip) 6(h) 1(r) 1(er) 2(bb) 13(so) 116(np)

Duke vs Virginia Tech

8(ip) 10(h) 3(r) 3(er) 1(bb) 8(so) 129(np)

Duke vs Georgia Tech

1(W) 7.2(ip) 6(h) 1(r) 1(er) 0(bb) 12(so) 113(np)

Duke vs Clemson

9(ip) 7(h) 1(r) 0(er) 3(bb) 13(so) 122(np)

Duke vs Maryland

8(ip) 4(h) 2(r) 1(er) 1(bb) 8(so) 113(np)

Duke vs Virginia

1(W) 7(ip) 7(h) 3(r) 3(er) 3(bb) 9(so) 32(bf)

Duke vs N.C. State

8(ip) 9(h) 4(r) 4(er) 1(bb) 10(so) 109(np)

Duke vs Longwood

1(W) 3(ip) 1(h) 0(r) 0(er) 0(bb) 7(so) 44(np)

Duke vs North Carolina

1(L) 7(ip) 7(h) 2(r) 0(er) 2(bb) 8(so) 125(np)

Duke vs Boston College

1(W) 7(ip) 9(h) 4(r) 4(er) 2(bb) 9(so) 121(np)

(VIDEO OF START VS BC: 5-17-2012)

(2012) 6-5(w-l) 14(gs) 1(cg) 2.39(era) 98(ip) 83(h) 5(hr) 26(bb) 136(so) (12.7 pitches per inning)

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