Bleacher Opines in Chicago

I live in Chicago, and am a life long Blue Jay fan who grew up in North Carolina and Virginia, go figure. I absolutely love when the Jays visit US Cellular Field every year and like every year I attended all three games. I have decided to let my fellow Bluebird Banterers here my in person observations.

1. I sat in the left field bleachers for all three. It is relly impressive how many Jays fans you run across at the Cell who are wearing not just jerseys and hats, but the new logo jerseys and hats.

2. In the first inning of the first game Davis was straight up non chalet when he mis handled the ball in left/center. Rasmus made a great run and just missed the ball and a run scored. Rasmus I can forgive. Davis thankfully showed a good bat the rest of the series.

3. I don't know what it is about our team, but they never charge the ball when it hits the ground. I was taught growing up to always play the ball and never let it play you. Maybe it is just because major leaguers hit sharper balls, but you never see anyone on the Jays in the infield or outfield charge the ball.

4. If you have not seen Jose Bautista's arm live you should make a point of it. He is impressive throwing rocket launches on TV, but live it is a thing of beauty to see those lasers. No one tried to move up on Joey Bats.

5. Rasmus had Vicedo dead to rights in the 9th of game three and simply did not hit the targt. When the play wa developing every Sox fan in my sections was yelling in horror at the tag up. Hate to say it Colby, I love you, a Major League Center Fielder cannot allow the runner to move up from second to third on a fly ball to mid/deep CF in the 9th.

6. Brandon Morrow was tremendous and just simply put the Sox and the entire stadium into a sleeper hold in game two. There was not fight nor argument from anyone, by the third inning you just knew it was game/set/match. That is what I like ot see from the ACE of a staff.

7. Ricky Romero was fine, but he just seems to loose the thread of what he is doing on the mound sometimes. Maybe it was fatigue, but that 7th inning was miserable on Tuesday after pitching so well.

8. David Cooper has a really sweet approach at the plate. Seems a lot like John Olerud in how I don't think he is going to hit a lot of HR, but boy is he on base a lot. I really hope the Jays are going to give him a shot everyday. I love his swing, the definition of a professional hitter. Good with the glove also. Wrote 3-1 a lot on my score card.

9. Yunel and Brett lock down the left side of the infield.

10. Omar Vizquel was once a great player. He never needs to bat again for the Jays except in emergency. Last night McCoy should have played second if you needed Kelly Johnson to DH and with Davis lame put Gomes, heck anyone else in left. It was just awful watching Omar fail to get a bunt down and striking out twice. Plus why not pinch hit Gomes for Vizquel instead of McCoy. If Gomes was going to get a shot in left then McCoy could have slid over to second. Bad managing.

11. Sad that I did not get to see Edwin.

12. Really heartbreaking having to watch the O-Dog beat us. Hey can we trade Omar for Orlando?

13. The Sox fans hate Rios even when he hits a HR.

14. Reed for the Sox is a filthy flame thrower that Joey Bats turned on and blasted a rope off of for a double in the ninth. Bautista by the way gets no respect from the Umps. Too many close calls go against the two time defending HR champion.

15. Speaking of Umps there may need to be an investigation into the way they treat the Jays. It could be I am seeing things through the fan glasses, but they seem to do some pretty unprofessional work in Jays games. Lots of close calls are going the other way and the Jays seem hesitant now to even argue.

16. Henderson Alvarez is a ground ball machine. He pounds the strike zone and he just seems like a good one. Very excited about his future. He works fast and forces hitters to make swings. Seems like he has done the math and knows if I consitently throw strikes at the bottom of the strike zone the odds are with me that the other team will not beat me.

17. Henderson looks super smart in those goggles.

18. Cordero does not inspire confidence.

19. Mike McCoy got relentlessly taunted in LF on Thursday night. Made it so sweet when he got the two big RBI's in the third. Funny thing, twice McCoy turned around at this taunters and seemed to give them a smile. Nice to see someone in the Bigs who spends a lot of time traveling to the minors have a sense of humor.

20. Yan Gomes is built.

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