The Stupidity Amazes Me

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 08: Pitcher Kyle Drabek #4 of the Toronto Blue Jays throws a pitch during the game against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field on June 8, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

Blue Jays 4 Braves 5 (10 innings)

I just have no words. Farrell loses in extras with Casey Janssen sitting in the pen. It's beyond dumb. Farrell himself has said that sometimes the big moment isn't a save, but he still manages like it is ten years ago. You gotta use your best arm. You have to. Losing without him getting into the game shows you aren't paying attention to how the game works. Add in that he left Casey to be the last guy in the pen, you are risking needing him to do several innings. Bring him in earlier and he couple pitch one, or two, innings and have someone come in behind him. Preferring to have Cordero on the mound, with the game on the line, over Janssen, is just not understanding how the game works.

John you are starting to remind me of Cito. And that is not good.

Course if there wasn't an umpire making up his own balk rules, we'd have won long before that. And Casey could have come in with a save on the line. I'd love to hear what he thought he the balk was.

Anyway, Jose Bautista hit his 16 home runs. Edwin Encarnacion played for the first time since being hit in the hand. He had 2 hits, including a double, scored 2 runs and did some nice base running. We only had 5 hits on the game. Brett Lawrie had 2 walks, nice job. Rajai Davis had a hit and a walk, with 2 steals.

J.P. Arencibia threw a ball into left field, trying to catch Jason Heyward stealing third. He double clutched, he should never have thrown the ball.

Jays of the Day are Edwin (.219 WPA), Rajia (.219), Frasor (.118, who really should have pitched a second inning, he looked great in his one inning), Oliver (.095) and Jose (.082). Suckage awards go to Codero (-.382, not really fair, he just gave up an infield single), Drabek (-.231, 4 walks, 6 hits in 5.0, lots of full counts), Rasmus (-.225), Brett (-.169, 0 for 3, 2 walks). Give one to JP for making that throw.

Tomorrow we have a 4:00 Eastern start. Drew Hutchison (5-2, 4.35) tries to even the series. Tommy Hansen (6-4, 3.71) starts for the Braves. Drew has had a couple of good starts in a row, hope he can have a 3rd and that he goes late into the game and hands the ball to Casey.

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