It's Friday! It Has Not Been A Shiny Happy People Kind of Week.


Toronto Blue Jays’ lack of bullpen depth proves costly -
Wheel of Relievers! Round and Round we go, who gets outs nobody knows...

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Aaron Laffey brings stability to starting rotation -
Save us Aaron Laffey, you're our only hope! At the beginning of the season I would have laffed, but after the horror show of the last month, I mean it.

Blue Jays’ Anthony Gose pleases baseball fans who look forward to even more from the 21-one-year-old outfielder -
Ex-PR Guy of the Expos writes about Gose.

Blue Jays continue to feel the pain - The Globe and Mail
Pain hurts. Another story about DL woes of the Jays.

Tackling the Myth of AA’s Stealth | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
Stoten looks at the myth of AA's Stealth.

Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox: Series preview -
Star's Preview of this weekend's series.


The Tao of Stieb: They Don't Really Love Travis, They Just Keep Him Hangin' On
Updated. The Wrath of Tao about Snider.


Something thrilling is brewing in the American League Wild Card race
Sigh. The numbers are soooo close, but the reality is sooooooooo far away.

New Wild Cards and the Playoff-Probability Curve | FanGraphs Baseball
Interesting probabilities. It used to be that 93 wins guaranteed a playoff spot. Now? It's possible to get into the playoffs (one game at least) with 88 wins.

Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis get pizza delivered during ceremonial first pitches -
You're my Boy, BLUE!! It would have been fitting (somewhat) if Will Ferrell were around to throw out the first pitch. As quoted from the IMDB Trivia Section of Old School "Blue's real name is Joseph (Jay) "Blue" Pulaski. The Toronto Blue Jays have (more like had in 2003-2006) a minor league team named the Pulaski Blue Jays (which is now the Mariners)"

Anatomy Of A Jonathan Papelbon Blown Save - Baseball Nation
All us Jays fans need something to perk up the sadness of getting whipped by the Yanks AND losing Bautista for a couple of weeks (min) so here is Jeff Sullivan's analysis of everyone's "Favorite" relief pitcher blowing a save.

Larkin persevered through doubt to reach Hall of Fame | News
Barry Larkin was a supremely athletic shortstop, whose acrobatic flair and know-no-limits daring resulted in spectacular plays.

Stryker Trahan scores a win for catchers everywhere after laying out opposing runner | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
At least he didn't tag him in the face with his glove.

Bad Fantasy Team Names Of The Future | NotGraphs Baseball
Presented without Comment

Baseball History - July 20th - National Pastime - Baseball History
Jays Related

1984 Toronto establishes a team record for runs scored in an inning when eleven players cross the plate at the Kingdome in the ninth inning. The Blue Jays' barrage in the final frame leads to an eventual 12-7 victory over Seattle.

Times Have Changed

After all the talk about Zack Greike's 3 straight starts. Here is something you won't ever see this again... Wilbur Wood loses both games of a doubleheader in 1973 to the NY Yankees. This was when the Yanks were still awful and the first year that Steinbrenner took over.


REM Everybody Hurts - YouTube
If there had to be a musical theme for the 2012 Jays, I think this would be one of the contenders.

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