Tuesday Bluebird Links

TORONTO, CANADA - JULY 2: Rajai Davis #11 of the Toronto Blue Jays makes a catch in the outfield during MLB game action against the Kansas City Royals July 2, 2012 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)

Here's a quick links post for everyone today since there wasn't a whole lot of activity around the blogosphere over the long weekend. Belated Happy Canada day to everyone, and happy early Independence Day for those south of the border!


Midseason Review: Hitting
Anders at Batters Box has a nice update regarding the Jays hitters, and how they compare to the rest of the league by position.

Why Would Blue Jays Trade Edwin Encarnacion
Griffin's weekly giant post about Encarnacion and everything else Jays related. Feel free to disagree with his opinion in the comments! He does give a good update on how much the Jays have left in the draft pool to sign Marcus Stroman. If you didn't hear, they signed Chase DeJong over the weekend so Stroman is the last guy to fit into the draft cap.

Jose Bautista will participate in the Home Run Derby
He joins Robinson Cano, Mark Trumbo and Prince Fielder on the AL side.

Goins Off Without A Hech!
Batter's Box recaps of yesterdays minor league games.


Greinke, Reddick Among Worst All-Star Snubs
Pretty self explanatory title. Rob Neyer touches on the all-star snubs as well, here.

If It Really Counted: AL Edition
Dave Cameron and Wendy Thurm put together AL and NL rosters geared toward actually winning the game. Wendy's NL roster is here. What do you think - who would take this game?

Can Mike Trout hit .400?
Dave Fleming at Bill James Online with an interesting look at rookie phenom, Mike Trout. What do you think - will Trout cut his strikeout rate sometime down the road and have a legitimate shot at hitting .400?

Rockies' Grand Experiment: The Sad Update
The Rockies are deploying a 4 man starting pitching rotation, limited to 75 pitches a start. And it's not working out after 10 games.

Could Ichiro Have Passed Pete Rose?
Glenn DuPaul at Beyond the Boxscore tackles the question, and thinks he would have had a good chance had he started his career in the MLB.

Brewers' longtime employee passes away
Jeff Adcock collapsed on the job Sunday - sad story.

Marlins Park Review
Callum Hughson travelled to Miami to catch the series against the Jays a couple of weeks ago - here is his crazy in-depth review of the ball park. He has pretty much everything you could ever want to know about the park here.

Phillies Land Gabriel Lino in Thome Trade
Apparently the Phillies did well in the Thome trade. Not bad for a stop-gap signing.

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