Feeling Happless Friday Aug 23, 2012 Links

The one bad thing about Moral Victories is that they ring kind of hollow especially when you lose. The winless in five Jays face the Baltimore Orioles this weekend. Things will hopefully be better as some familiar faces return to the lineup. Jedi might be with the team after a successful minor league tuneup and Saturday is not Subway Chicken Club day but rather Morrow Day.


Happ's dominating performance for naught as Tigers beat Jays in extra innings - The Globe and Mail
AP/The Globe's take on the loss

Tigers rally to sweep Blue Jays with 3-2 win in extra innings - thestar.com
Griff's/Star's take on the extra innings loss.

Detroit 3, Toronto 2: Quintin Berry, Tigers complete sweep in 11 innings | Detroit Tigers | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
The Free Press's take on the Jays Moral Victory/Extra Innings Loss.

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Toronto-Buffalo partnership: obvious benefits for Jays, no guarantee of a winning team for Bisons | MLB | Sports | National Post
John Lott's take on the "possible" relationship between Toronto and Buffalo.

Kevin Gray's On Baseball: Bautista, Lind in Fisher Cats' lineup Thursday night | New Hampshire SPORTS0102
The Fisher Cats are preparing to host Jose Bautista, baseball's two-time reigning home run champion, and old friend Adam Lind, a former Eastern League MVP.

What We've Learned About Chad Jenkins - Jays Journal
Chad Jenkins was not having a very good year in Double-A when he received the promotion to Toronto back on August 5th. Jenkins had spent the better part of last year with the Fisher Cats, and his re-assignment to the club in the spring was not a surprise. His performance, however, was.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Micromanaging the Manager
Ian looks at the decisions of the Manager in Wed's loss.


Here's A Sneak Peek At A New Documentary On Knuckleball Pitchers
(From Deadspin so sometimes NSFW) A movie about a single pitch type and the guys who throw it. I'm interested to watch it. Less interested to watch if a desperate TV network tries to make "Shuuto: The Series." The Shuuto's love interest in the Split Finger fastball would feel so tacked on and pointless.

Nobody Wins Close Games Like Orioles Win Close Games - Baseball Nation
The Secret of Baltimore's Success.

Derek Jeter brushes off insinuation of HGH use by broadcaster Skip Bayless - thestar.com
Skip Bayless, American for Damien Cox

Bobbleheads From Our Dreams, Animated And Brought To Life - SBNation.com
Everyone loves bobbleheads. Here are the very best bobbleheads no one has made yet.

An argument for FanGraphs’ pitching WAR
Is FanGraphs' fielding independent pitching WAR a better predictor than other methods?

Four ways to deter PED use
Some creative solutions to baseball's continuing PED problem

A Day Older, A Day Wiser: Ollie the Bat Dog
A link chain sent me to the blog of a Mets Starter with a post about Ollie the Bat Dog of the NH Fisher Cats.

Baseball History - August 24th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1983 Orioles' southpaw Tippy Martinez picks off three runners in the 10th inning as the Blue Jays take long leads trying to take advantage of his new battery mate, Len Sakata, an infielder pressed into service behind the plate. The converted catcher gets revenge when his three-run homer in the bottom of the frame wins the game, 7-4.

1989 Pete Rose is banned from baseball for life by Commissioner Giamatti for gambling. The Reds' manager signs a five-page agreement with Giamatti in which he agrees to a lifetime penalty but does not admit to gambling on the national pastime.

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