I was there last night. It was my birthday.

A narrative of the events from last night.

We Arrived at a good time, got a street dog and a pop. Entered the stadium. It was my birthday, my girlfriend got me 100L tickets as a gift. Everything was awesome. The Stadium is empty, we were told by staff to not sit on our seats, but to go further down. We sat in the 6 row back.

This is awesome, I've never been this close! I can actually see the player's faces!

The game starts, I'm so excited! An awesome pitchers duel ensues with De Los V striking out 2 in the first. I was actually close enough to make out the different pitches and see the brake on the breaking balls. This was awesome.

Sierra doubles, jump for joy! An inning later Hech singles, gets moved up to 2nd on a groundout by Colby. Man on 2nd two outs and EE at the plate, YES! Then let the boos come down as Britton walks EE and gets Lind to weakly fly out to shallow left. The boos kept coming.

University groups are really loud! they are the only people cheering in the stadium and it was mainly competitions as to which school was the loudest. This kept the atmosphere fun.

All of a sudden, the roof is being opened.

GF: Hey! the roof is being opened?!

Me: huh? what? I thought the radar said it was gonna rain till 10PM?!

GF: Yea I saw that too

Me: Maybe it's changed since and they decided to open it up?

As the roof opens, the cold gusts of wind are more and more apparent. It was fully opened in 10 minutes. Got some

nice pics of the CN tower.

Me: Uh oh, I'm pretty sure I just felt a drop

GF: yea me too

I Look up. Bang, a drop in my glasses.

Me: yeap thats definitely a drop. It's not too bad though, just barely spitting.

Then comes the 5th inning. Sigh. Jones doubles off right field on a ball that just barely landed fair. A Fly ball later caught by Sierra and I got to see that so much talked about arm. Wow. He threw that ball behind Adam Jones who started to tag but came back.

Me: we got him!

Nope. No we didn't. Yunel didnt bother to look where Jones was, I saw that face in Jones. That face of 'wow, I just got lucky there man'.

A walk later and Reynold hits that ball high, so high. Rajai going back and I held my breath. He may have a shot.... he didn't.

From there, as the rain got harder and harder things unwravelled to the point where everyone now knows. De Los V was jumping and kicking his feet, trying to get the mud off his cleats. Grounds crew comes in and does some maintenance on the dirt by the mound and the bases and plate.

The rain is coming down much harder now. The roof is not closing, WTH. Oh it was closing, just very very painfully slowly. The umbrellas were out, the chants by the university kids became louder singing "let it rain", "watch it come down", "the roof, the roof is on water". They were still keeping the atmosphere somewhat bareable. Myself, It was my birthday and I was watching the Jays from the 6th row on the 3rd base side. I was pretty much happy just because of that. That made me still enjoy the night even though the poor Jays were being shot down in front of me. The bad thing about our seats, they were among the last seats being covered by the roof as it closed.

We had no umbrellas, we were soaked. I thought I had jumped into a pool.

Technical difficulties were announced as the culprit of the roof fiasco and shortly thereafter, as most of you are all aware off by now, the fire alarms went off.

Me: No one was gonna evacuate the building, the game was not gonna be stopped was it?

Nope. The misery kept going, what else could go wrong. Loup comes on and gives up 5 VERY VERY hard hit balls and a bunch more runs.

At least we're playing good defence minus the Yunel brain fart. Oh whats that, oh thats an error on Chad beck, okay never mind the good defence.

Yeap, its that kind of night for the Jays. It was my birthday and I had already had a very good day at work and then was having an awesome first half of the game. Then the rain and technical difficulties happened. Yet, I was still having fun. It is not often I'm able to see the jays let alone in those seats! I was really curious about being there and maybe having a rain delay. The first since opening night at the skydome! Now that would be an experience!

All in all, had I been at home or at a bar watching this game I might have killed my TV. I'm sure most of you did. However, being there with rain, fire alarms, and a dreadful score line, I quite enjoyed my time there. It is not often you can say I was at the Skydome and it rained on us. Plus this morning I saw myself on the TV during the game recap on Sportsnet =P

It was truly quite an eventful evening and it kinda made up for the terrible baseball witnessed after 4 innings.

A jays win was what I wanted for my birthday, and I did not get that, far from it.

Though I got much more than expected and I can say it was a good birthday.

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