Make Your Predictions: Colby Rasmus

Colby Rasmus - Winslow Townson

Give us your guess on Colby Rasmus' 2013 season.

Oh Colby, I really have no clue what to expect from Colby Rasmus next year. He was pretty good for the first half of the season, hitting .259/.328/.494 but then the second half was awful, hitting just .176/.238/.278. Part of it was that he was trying to play through little injuries and he really shouldn't have. But then his manager should have said 'Colby, we really need you to rest up and get healthy enough to help us." They were in a tough spot, several players hurt, team not doing well, it's hard no to play a guy that is willing.

Part of it might have been that the team was doing so badly that it was hard to keep his head in the game. Now for me, the large amount of money that he was playing for would be enough to give me motivation to do the best I can, but then different things motivate different people.

Or maybe neither of those cause his second half troubles, maybe he was just bad. The one thing he did do well was bunting for base hits, but then, if he was hitting decently he wouldn't have had to do it so much.


2009 22 STL 147 474 72 119 22 2 16 52 3 1 36 95 .251 .307 .407 .714
2010 23 STL 144 464 85 128 28 3 23 66 12 8 63 148 .276 .361 .498 .859
2011 24 TOT 129 471 75 106 24 6 14 53 5 2 50 116 .225 .298 .391 .688
2012 25 TOR 151 565 75 126 21 5 23 75 4 3 47 149 .223 .289 .400 .689
4 Yrs 571 1974 307 479 95 16 76 246 24 14 196 508 .243 .313 .422 .735
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Generated 1/7/2013.

This year? Who knows. He's really got to have a better year, if he doesn't he'll be replaced by Anthony Gose. He needs this season to be good, if he wants to make a fortune playing baseball. I'm hoping that Gibbons is smarter about giving him time off to rest the little injuries that come up during a long baseball season. He could get the odd look a DH to give him half days off.

Bill James figures him to play 149 games, hit .223/.312/.427 with 23 home runs, 72 RBI and 87 runs scored. Bill obviously thought that he will bat second in the order again. He won't. I also doubt he'll play 149 games if he hits just .223.

Let's be a little more optimistic. He plays 140 games, hits .255/..325/.460 with 23 home runs and 75 RBI. Your turn.

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