My three best ideas of the week.

"Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren't very new after all."

-Abraham Lincoln

With Boston and St.Louis advancing to the World Series, my season of watching baseball has come to a screeching halt. I wanted to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers (namely Clayton Kershaw) resume play, and I've watched Boston beat up on everybody enough this year. Further, given how slow the Red Sox operate, I don't think can commit to 4-6 hours a night to watch my second least favorite team, no matter the stakes.

Suffice to say I've had some time on my hands to think. Without further ado, I present idea #1:

The iPhone Flask

My friend (who shall go unnamed) has long wanted to conceal alcohol at sporting events/movies/concerts etc. During a viewing of Gravity earlier this week (A pretty good cinematic adventure), my friend accompanied me with a poorly concealed alcohol container (much to my chagrin). During that same movie, a stranger ahead of us kept using his mobile phone for gosh knows what, when I had an epiphany! Why not conceal the alcohol in a fake phone?! Luckily, I kept this idea stored somewhere in my baseball-infested brain for long enough to write it down and research whether or not it had been invented yet. Tragically, it had.



Needless to say, I was devastated. While I had never considered myself an entrepreneur, the idea of me thinking of a compelling and equally devious idea was satisfying. They're widely available on Ebay, and if you want some supplementary information, here it is. Sure I was discouraged, and sure I had thoughts of whether or not my thought processes were unique in any ( leading to what I've self-diagnosed as an existential crisis of sorts), but I pushed forward. Onto idea #2:

Educational Shower Curtains

This seemed like my golden ticket idea. Everybody (hopefully) in the Western World showers, and with that in mind I figured it might be beneficial to have certain educational tools illustrated on shower curtains. If there was a world map, or the periodic table of elements, or even a set of multiplication tables, I could see many families with young children investing in this product. Even at a sub-conscious level, staring at something for 20 (approximate time spent in shower) has to net some sort of educational gain. So I scoured the internet, and within minutes my hopes to improve the world were dashed.



Again, these are widely available to any consumer with internet and a credit card, and I imagine can be bought at some local store near you. I recommend anybody with any desire to learn/re-learn some geography invest in one of these, but that's besides the point. Lastly, idea #3:

Full-Time Canadian Scouts in Cuba

Given the embargo placed on Cuba by the United States (which can be further explored here and here), no American can enter without a license from the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, which have some very restrictive guidelines to be eligible for. Further, when you consider how much money is being guaranteed to Cuban players lately (68$ Million to Jose Dariel Abrue by the White Sox, 28$ Million to Alexander Guerrero, Yasiel Puig, Jorge Soler, etc) having a full-time scout in the area to watch the players there on a more consistent basis could prove to be a huge market inefficiency in baseball.

Alex Anthopolous has said before that one of his biggest managerial gaffes was missing on Aroldis Chapman (Information here), summing his feeling by saying "I guess my one regret is I wish it was a greater comfort level on our part. We weren't as familiar with the player as we needed to be". I think with capable, professional scouts being able to watch these players on a day-to-day to basis (and not simply at international showcases where the sample sizes are so small), a team could gain a monster advantage over the field by deploying Canadian scouts.

All this said, I'm not entirely positive if teams have already done this. Given my track record for being late on ideas, I'm skeptical that teams aren't exploring this idea more seriously, or it's already being practiced regularly. There are some cultural challenges involved (not many Canadians speak Spanish), but I know for a fact there'd be baseball minds lining up in droves at Rosetta-Stone airport kiosks for Spanish learning CD's.

Anyways, I'm done rambling. Hope you took some level of enjoyment out of this. Boo Red Sox.

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