Blue Jays Games Thread: Split Squad Spring Games and World Series Replay Game 1


One GameThread to rule them all.

After a long off-season, we have a massive amount of Blue Jay baseball today. The Jays second day of spring training games has them playing 2 today, one in Dunedin against the Orioles (which will be on the Fan 590, and/or you can follow it on MLB Gameday), the other in Tampa Bay against the Yankees (which we can follow on Gameday and is also on MLB TV), both starting about 1:00 Eastern. Also, on Sportsnet, we have game one of the 1993 World Series. All this baseball is going on and I have real life stuff going on today, so I won't get to follow it all.

There are also a couple of other bits of news:

  • Russell Martin is pulling out of the WBC. The Pirates, not surprisingly at all, are not happy with the idea of their catcher playing shortstop, and Russell doesn't want to catch, the 162 game season is a grind on catchers, he doesn't what to add a bunch more stress to his 30 year old knees. If I was running Team Canada I'd ask if he would consider DHing, but I guess we'd still need another catcher.
  • Mike McCoy, who came out on the wrong end of a collision with the much larger Ryan Langerhans, came out of it with just a bruise on his thigh.

Blue Jay lineup for their "A" game vs. the Orioles, where DeMarlo Hale will manage and Tim Raines will coach first:

Jose Reyes SS, Maicier Izturis 2B, Jose Bautista RF, Edwin Encarnacion 1B, Adam Lind DH, J.P. Arencibia C, Colby Ramus CF, Mark DeRosa 3B, Rajai Davis LF

Mark Buehrle is starting.

Blue Jay line for their "B" game vs. the Yankees:

Anthony Gose CF, Emilio Bonifacio 2B, Melky Cabrera LF, Brett Lawrie DH, Luiz Jimenez 1B, Henry Blanco C, Ryan Langerhans RF, Andy LaRoche 3B, Lance Zawadzki SS

J.A. Happ will start this one.

And the starting lineups for Game One of the 1993 World Series. Game One was in Toronto.


Rickey Henderson, LF Lenny Dykstra, CF
Devon White, CF Mariano Duncan, 2B
Roberto Alomar, 2B John Kruk, 1B
Joe Carter, RF Dave Hollins, 3B
John Olerud, 1B Darren Daulton, C
Paul Molitor, DH Jim Eisenreich, RF
Tony Fernadez, SS Ricky Jordan, DH
Ed Sprague, 3B Milt Thompson, LF
Pat Borders, C Kevin Stocker, SS
Juan Guzman, P Curt Schilling P

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