Wednesday BBB Links: Return of Bautista AND Batista Edition

Reyes shows the kind of hustle that has him edging out J.A Happ for Jays MVP of 2013 - Leon Halip

Another day, another deflating loss. Today's links range from the bizarre signing of Miguel Batista, to a surprising amount of information about the members of the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies starting rotation, to the best monkey smuggling story you'll see today. Have fun y'all.

That was ugly. The Jays haven't been a fun team to watch so far in 2013. Sometimes pitchers just aren't on and sometimes you get Migueal Cabrera-d but no amount of logic can or should make losing palatable. It would be nice to see the Jays win one, not because the season is over if they don't, but simply because it would just be nice. I look forward to offering some links to augment the glow of victory rather than add to the rumination regarding the Jays' slow start, but that will have to wait for another day. So here are some of those "links" you've heard so much about.


Toronto Blue Jays sign Miguel Batista to minor-league deal: reports | Toronto Star


Blue Jays woes can be cured by resurgence of Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion: Griffin | Toronto Star

Even with all the pricey additions, Jays success still comes down to the production of the two incumbent power-hitters in the middle of the batting order, Richard Griffin writes. By golly, we have some optimism!

Davidi: Romero progressing but not rushing -

"For Ricky Romero to return to the MLB level, he needs to make some mechanical changes to his delivery. And as pitching coach Pete Walker explains, it takes time for those adjustments to stick." A quick return from Romero sure would complicate matters.

Blue Jays, Brandon Morrow ploughed over by hot Detroit bats | MLB | Sports | National Post

"Over the past week, much has been made about expectations becoming a millstone around the necks of the Toronto Blue Jays. At this rate, that should be less of a talking point. The Blue Jays are gradually lowering the expectations." Some one woke up on the wrong side of bed.

Davidi on Blue Jays: Tigers win series opener -

"The Blue Jays arrived in Detroit hoping to start a win streak and put their disappointing opening week behind them. Instead, they lost to the Tigers, falling to 2-5 on the season." Another recap from the ever reasonable Davidi.

Afternoon GIFfage: Don Kelly Robs Aaron Cibia of a Home Run | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |

Frustrating to see Arencibia robbed by one of the worst players in the MLB. Not that it would have mattered.


Rays notes: Jeff Niemann to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery - MLB Daily Dish

"Rays right-hander Jeff Niemann got bad news during his doctor visit Monday, and will go under the knife on Wednesday."

Yes, it's still early, but should Price's velocity have you worried? - DRaysBay

"For the second straight start, David Price struggled with his velocity. Is it a cause for concern, or simply a couple off games for the Rays ace?" Not writing off Price justtttt yet.

Daniel Nava, Jonny Gomes making Boston's Jackie Bradley Jr. decision easy - Over the Monster

Jackie Bradley Jr. did seem somewhat unlikely to set the league on fire with so little experience in the upper minor leagues.

Texas Rangers never wanted to trade Chris Davis to Baltimore, but Orioles happy that they did - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

Have you guys heard? Chris Davis is off to a hot start.

It's Gary Sanchez or bust for the Yankees - Pinstriped Bible

The Yankees are depending on catching prospect Gary Sanchez. To be fair he wouldn't have to be that good to be better than what they are looking at now


Weaver Injury Highlights Angels' Bet on Hitting -

"The Angels decided to tear up their rotation last winter, but it's easier to tear things down than build them up. Weaver's injury underscores how they gambled with pitching heading into 2013." At least if any team can win on the strength of their lineup alone it would be the Angels.

Anatomy of a Really Bad Call | FanGraphs Baseball

Yet another crazy deep analysis on a single pitch. I hope I'm not the only person who finds these so fascinating...

Dodgers rumors: Clayton Kershaw extension talks at over $200 million? - MLB Daily Dish

"Contract discussions between L.A. and their young left-hander continue, and may be well into record-breaking figures." Given the amount of money that the Dodgers have been throwing around to bring in far inferior talents to Kershaw, you'd think they'd make the effort to lock up their homegrown superstar.

Rick Ankiel’s Epic Contact Problems | FanGraphs Baseball

If you think Rasmus is struggling with strikeouts early, take a gander at this. Yeah, I said gander.

Roy Oswalt says he 'would love to come back to Philly' -

'Free agent right-hander Roy Oswalt took to Twitter to say he would 'love to come back to Philly.' Don't think I can see that happening... that four ace rotation with Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt sure feels an awful long way in the rear view mirror.

Ex-Blue Jay Roy Halladay’s decline picks up speed: Kelly | Toronto Star

"Roy Halladay's decline from his brilliant peak is inevitable, sad, and picking up speed." Unfortunately Father Time has a pretty impressive track record.

50-year-old Jamie Moyer on pitching again: ‘I haven’t closed that door yet’ | SI Tracking Blog – Tracking MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA On Twitter

This, I'd like to see.


Man Arrested With 18 Tiny Endangered Monkeys Stuffed in Shirt -

Just try and beat this headline...

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