Thursday BBB Links: Glorious Victory Edition

The enthusiasm of Colby Rasmus is infectious. - Leon Halip

That wasn't what you'd call a "by the book" win but Blue Jays Nation will take it. Today's links discuss Lawrie's health, the fast start of Vernon Wells and a time machine that "brings the future to you". Have at em.

That felt nice. Not sure you can count on making a comeback like that very often but it's fun to see. Mark DeRosa had a stellar game and J. P. Arencibia was the hero with a three run double off Octavio Dotel, in what I considered at the time to be a nightmare matchup for the Jays (can't you just picture J.P swinging through one of those nasty sliders down and away?). Shows you what I know. Luckily these link come from baseball sages with far more wisdom.


Davidi: Blue Jays rally to tie series with Tigers -

"The Toronto Blue Jays rallied in a big way Wednesday, posting a three-run sixth and a four-run seventh to erase a five-run deficit in a stirring 8-6 victory over the Detroit Tigers."

Toronto Blue Jays overcome patchy defence to defeat Detroit Tigers | MLB | Sports | National Post
"Among their other problems, the Toronto Blue Jays are missing Brett Lawrie more each day" Lott seems quite negative again in his description of a fairly uplifting victory. He is right about Bonifacio's abysmal defense so far though.

Is Mark Buehrle Going to Lose to a Teammate? | FanGraphs Baseball

Pace might not be a great predictor of success but it might just be the best predictor of watchability.

Anthopoulos: Too early for Blue Jays to be concerned -
"The Blue Jays are off to a disappointing 2-5 start, but their general manager isn't overly concerned. Alex Anthopoulos said Wednesday that he expects the Blue Jays to win once the rotation settles in and the offence gains momentum." Alex Anthopolous oozes sanity, it's very comforting.

MLB Stock Report: Reyes up, Dickey down -
"Jose Reyes and R.A. Dickey have started their seasons in opposite directions. With that in mind, here is our first look at who is trending up and down around the major leagues."

Blue Jays’ Brett Lawrie may rejoin team in 10 days or so | MLB | Sports | National Post
"Brett Lawrie might return to the Toronto Blue Jays lineup as early as April 19, general manager Alex Anthopoulos says." Hurry back Brett.

Blue Jays claim outfielder Wells off waivers | News
"The Blue Jays claimed outfielder Casper Wells off waivers from the Mariners on Wednesday afternoon." Nifty addition but more importantly it brings an end to the 8 man bullpen.


Vernon Wells has been pleasant surprise for Yankees | News
"Known more in recent years for his contract than his play, Vernon Wells has been everything the Yankees could have asked for thus far." I know it's somewhat blasphemous to cheer for any Yankee but I genuinely hope Wells has a decent year. At the end of the day his only crime was saying, "Yes I will accept this 126 million dollars you are offering me"

Know Your 40: CC Sabathia - Pinstriped Bible
"CC's one of three Yankees currently signed to huge deals that run through 2016, but unlike Tex and A-Rod, it's hard to say he hasn't been earning his money."

Baltimore Orioles Trade Luis Ayala to Braves - Camden Chat
The Baltimore Orioles traded Luis Ayala to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for an AA LHP, Chris Jones. In order to be a true fan, one must stay abreast of one's incredibly minor trades.

Positives From Roberto Hernandez's Starts - DRaysBay
Searching for some positive adjustments from Roberto Hernandez. Hernandez is a pretty intriguing reclamation project.

The Red Sox' sellout streak was far from an embarassment - Over the Monster
"Recently, all talk of the sellout streak at Fenway Park has been surrounded by negativity. However, it was truly an incredible accomplishment that everyone who was involved should take pride in." I wish I could be snarky here but I don't really have a leg to stand on as a Jays fan.


The Early Trend of 2013: Dingers! | FanGraphs Baseball
Dingers make for wholesome family entertainment. Keep em coming.

The problem with Tim Lincecum (but not the solution) - Baseball Nation
"Say, has anyone noticed Tim Lincecum has been struggling lately? Let's explore why." I figured Linecum was in for some degree of bounce back this year but it sure hasn't come yet.

Power Rankings: Don't worry yet, every team has reason to be happy - MLB - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice
If the Jays are the 22nd best team in baseball i will eat my hat.

A's going deep to lead charge for change yet again - MLB - Ben Reiter -

Appropriately they Jays don't rank in the top or bottom five in terms of depth.

MLB creating committee to study decline in African-American players -
"Major League Baseball is creating a committee to study why fewer African-Americans are playing baseball."

Changes to the game reshaping how rosters are built - MLB - Joe Lemire -
"Every team, though, is being affected by the confluence of three recent changes in the game that have reshaped the player market: exponential growth in television revenue, a league-wide trend to sign young stars to contract extensions before they reach free agency and changes to the collective bargaining agreement."


Iranian scientist claims to have invented 'time machine' - Telegraph

"An Iranian businessman claims to have mastered time with a machine that allows users to fast forward up to eight years into the future." Doesn't eight years sound a bit arbitrary? Other than that I'm sold, obviously.

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