Offense! Where we are after the first three series

I'm not one to write FanPosts, but I haven't seen many lately.

Here's a look at how our Offense is fairing so far in the 2013 season:

Jose Reyes: AVG .412 OBP .487 SLG .559 OPS 1.046

As advertised, Jose Reyes has given us the leadoff hitter we've been dreaming of for many years. Reyes has also swiped 4 bases and has yet to be caught stealing. If we had to name an offensive MVP so far, I think there's little question Reyes takes that title.

Melky Cabrera: AVG .306 OBP .375 SLG .361 OPS .736

Melky is obviously a question mark for many as we don't know where his talent stops and the performance enhancing drugs begin. Most early predictions had Melky hitting for average but not for power, and so far that's exactly what we're seeing. Melky is getting on base, which is exactly what we signed him to do. The power certainly hasn't shown up yet with only one extra base hit (a triple), but with 11 hits, 4 walks and only 5 Ks I would say Melky is delivering.

Jose Bautista: AVG .217 OBP .308 SLG .522 OPS .829

Wrist Problem? What wrist problem? Jose has shown us through spring training and the regular season that the power is still there. He's also mentioned on several occasions to the media that he feels no lingering effects. Unfortunately a minor injury to his ankle has kept Jose out of 3 games, and seems to be having a minor impact at the plate since his return. As we all know Jose Bautista is a crucial part of this offense, and as long as he's healthy I expect another great season from the #3 hitter.

Edwin Encarnacion: AVG .143 OBP .250 SLG .286 OPS .536

EE is off to a horrid start. Was 2012 a fluke? unlikely. All hitters have ups and downs over a season and I'll take the 2012 season as a better gauge than 9 games in 2013. The one thing I have noticed is a little bit of over-aggression on his part, perhaps he feels the need to lead the team and put some big numbers up. I think once he relaxes he'll find himself succeeding.

JP Arencibia: AVG .278 OBP .297 SLG .639 OPS .936

What a big bat he's been! He's a player who's bound for some regression, but for the position he plays he has been, and I think will continue to be quite serviceable. Obviously there's that small thing about 1 WALK and 15 K's... but if he keeps hitting like this who cares!!

Colby Rasmus: AVG 233 OBP .303 SLG .567 OPS .870

As always Colby shows us flashes of brilliance like the mammoth home runs he's hit this season, and then his uncanny ability to look lost at the plate in his 13 K's in this early part of the season.

Adam Lind: AVG .100 OBP .182 SLG .150 OPS .332

Oh Lind.... There are few who have any faith in you at this point. We know Lind can't hit Left handed pitching, but this season he can't hit anything. You have to think he's playing himself into an overpaid bench player at this rate. Hopefully he turns it around and is at least serviceable in a platoon split with Davis.

Emilio Bonifacio: AVG .219 OBP .219 SLG .375 OPS .594

See that AVG? See that OBP? that's right no walks and 12 K's. Not really setting the world on fire at this point. Boni has at least been grabbing some extra base hits and showing some speed on the base-paths (like that single he turned into a double - wow), but he's yet to swipe a bag. Boni needs to get on base to be productive in this offense, and some plate discipline will be a big part of that moving forward.

Maicer Izturis: AVG .200 OBP .231 SLG .320 OPS .551

I think there's little question we'd prefer Emilo's bat in the line-up over Izturis, but defense is a serious issue right now.

Rajai Davis: AVG .222 OBP .263 SLG .278 OPS .541

Rajai has been hitting LHP about as well as RHP is this short season, but he's giving us what we expected of him and what we're looking for. I see Gibbon's continuing to Platoon his with Lind against lefty's and subbing through the corner fields for some rest for the Dominican's

I'm not doing DeRosa or Blanco because, well I don't want to. Both are serviceable as backups I suppose.

And there you have it. This isn't the start of our dreams, but this is an offense I believe in. Lawrie clearly will be a large improvement, EE will find his 2012 form, and I'm confident someone will step-up and own the second base position.

SSS only tell so much, but hey, we all like reading about the Jays so I hope you enjoyed it!

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