Dirk Hayhurst: Time to Jump, Trade Jose Bautista, Panic

Jose - Tom Szczerbowski

Dirk Hayhurst said some things designed to get us talking.

So Dirk Hayhurst, Baseball Central, tells us it is time get out on that ledge and jump. And beyond that the Jays should be trading Jose Bautista.

Now, I am a fan of trading guys to early, trade them a year too early, instead of a year too late, but no the Jays can't trade Bautista right now. Fans would see it as a white flag being waved on the season. Rogers Centre would be empty for the rest of the year. It's just dumb, it can't happen now. The team added a lot to their payroll, they need fans to watch the games, be it at the park or on TV, to be able to afford that payroll.

Beyond that, why would you want to trade him when he's not hitting and when he's been hurting. You want to trade the guy at a low point?

As well, Dirk is telling us to give up on the season. It makes me wonder how much he's followed baseball. I know he was a player and his books are very entertaining, but has he followed baseball enough to know if a team can come back from 6.5 games out on April 26th. I know, odds are long and all but I'm pretty sure teams have come back from that point before.

It is a slow start, but I think the team is better than what they have shown. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think they can get on a roll and win a few in a row.

Dirk is taking a bit of a beating on twitter:

A number of people are complaining that Dirk has blocked them. I understand blocking folks, some people are just out there to be unpleasant.

But, be honest Dirk, you said 'the Jays should trade Bautista' to get a reaction, to get people to notice you, to get attention. You know, as well as anyone, that to keep this job, you have to get us watching you. The way to do that is to say things that gets us talking about you. Blocking people that give you that attention seems to be hypocritical.

It seems Dirk and Zaun and others are trying to become baseball's Don Cherry. It is a logical goal. Don makes a ton of money, he's been doing his bit on hockey for years and he's very well known. But if you want to be Don Cherry, you have to be able to deal with getting called out on it. Don says stupid things weekly. He wants us all to talk about it. He wants us to call him out. Say how stupid he is. And for the most part, he doesn't complain about it. He knows that is what he's shooting for, and enjoys it.

So Dirk, if you want to be controversial, if you want our attention, don't complain we talk about you. You need this. I wouldn't have watched to see what you said without the people on Twitter talking about you. Enjoy it.

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