Blue Jays 2 Indians 3: Extra Inning Loss for the Jays


I don't think any of us expected an 0-2 start.

Indians 3 Blue Jays 2 (11 innings)

It is only game two. It is only game two. I'm going to keep saying that until I feel better about things.

I don't know how Mark Reynolds hit Sergio Santos pitch that was at head level, but he did and won the Indians the game

I didn't think offense was going to be a problem, oh dopey me. I did think defense could be. So I'm 1 for 2.

The Jays offense and defense wasted a really good start from Brandon Morrow. He went 6 innings, 6 hits (mostly of the soft, just just missed a glove sort), 2 walks, 6 8 strikeouts. 1 earned run and it shouldn't have been an earned run. There was a soft line drive hit just above Maicer Izturis, he mistimed his jump and it hit off the side of his glove. It should have been called an error.

Izturis did get credited with an error on the throw that cost us the second run. It looked like he was going to make a nice double play, getting the ball behind third, tagging the bag but then he threw the ball past Edwin Encarnacion at first base, allowing the runner from first to score.

All our offense came from 2 swings of the bat. Izturis homered in the 3rd inning and Jose Bautista hit one out, with one out in the bottom of the 9th. We thought all would turn out right. We only managed 3 more hits, in the 12 innings.

Adam Lind, J.P. Arencibia, Colby Rasmus and Emilio Bonifacio all had 0 fors, though JP and Adam did manage a walk.

We did have a couple of nice defensive plays today, but the crappy plays out numbered them 2 to 1 I'm sure.

Jays of the Day are Bautista (.241 WPA), Morrow (.246) and Casey Janssen (.143).

Suckage numbers go to Santos (-.291, though it wasn't a bad pitch), Darren Oliver (-.186, not his fault, he gets the negative because of Izturis error, so no Suckage award for him), Melky Cabrera (-.192), Rasmus (-.156), Bonifacio (-.161), Arencibia (-.131), Lind (-.129), Jose Reyes (-.117).

We had another very lively GameThread plus overflow. 81 of us totaled 2201 comments. The comment leader board:

# Commenter # Comments
1 MapleMan 163
2 ThatsRobbery 159
3 Damaso's Burnt Shirt 148
4 Bowling_Guy25 136
5 Pikachu 117
6 ABsteve 93
7 Tom Dakers 93
8 rdave30 82
9 Alan F. 81
10 jays182 72
11 STZ513 67
12 Sniderlover 67
13 Cam Oegema 65
14 allcanadian34 60
15 MjwW 55
16 Gerse 48
17 MartsB 41
18 Diamond_D86 41
19 JohnnyG 40
20 Emily G 38
21 Janz_V84 38
22 Huey2k2 31
23 bluejays13 30
24 fishedin 24
25 Playoffs!!!!1 24

Maple Man, you are an inspiration.

Tomorrow night Mark Buehrle gets the start. I'm hoping we score some for him.

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