Sleepy Sunday April 7, 2013 Links with Sprinkles

JA Happ, but I tried to find a pic of Lind's Stolen Base and Google scratched its head in confusion - Tom Szczerbowski

Another game, another arm injury. Sounds like John Farrell is up to his old tricks but at least it's not for Toronto. Happ's pitching performance leads to another pun (but it fits so I can't help myself!) so here are some links for your reading pleasure.


Blue Jays unleash power in shutout of Boston Red Sox: Griffin | Toronto Star
Star's Recap of the win. Griff's analysis... um... wow.

J.A. Happ sets tone for Toronto Blue Jays in shutout win over Boston Red Sox | MLB | Sports | National Post
National Post's Recap: Happ made the Red Sox offense look rather hapless.

Full Count » John Lackey injury makes bad day worse for Red Sox
WEEI's Recap of Boston's Loss.

Are Red Sox equipped to deal with injury to John Lackey? - Red Sox -
Recap from the other side. BTW, the answer is probably not.


Blue Jays’ Dave Bush ‘more at peace’ as he starts second Toronto tour | MLB | Sports | National Post
I guess it is safe to say that Gibby doesn't hold grudges.

The Blue Jay Hunter: John Farrell: Public Enemy Number One
Ian's look at the Bruce Campbell lookalike in the other dugout

Dear John… | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
Really not safe for those who don't like F-bombs, but I share the sentiments.

The Southpaw: Gettin' Down on the Farm
The Southpaw's take on the Jays prospects

Former Blue Jays manager John Farrell takes his shift with him to Boston | Toronto Star
Jays not as shifty as they were last year.


Dodgers Acquire Ramon Hernandez For Aaron Harang: MLB Rumors -
And then the Rockies promptly DFA'ed Harang.

MLB: Josh Hamilton’s wife calls security during Rangers return | Toronto Star
Boston seems to think that Toronto fans have voodoo dolls of John Farrell (mine took too long to make) and are history's greatest monsters for even thinking of booing the greatest manager ever (TM Boston.) But they never had to deal with ornery Texans.

Man Catches Home Run In His Left Hand While Holding Baby With His Right
Our resident videographer is off today, so we'll have to make do with this until more replays pop up, ideally in slow motion and looped for all eternity: Nats. Reds. Bases empty, Werth at bat. Sam LeCure on the mound. Werth swings at the first pitch he sees. Deep right-center. Man. Baby. Ball. No glove, no hesitation.

The Tigers' Disastrous Bullpen Committee of None - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
When a manager employs a bullpen-by-committee; let's junk that term forever and call it what it is, a bullpen-by-matchup


Baseball History April 7th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1977 After a lengthy snow delay on Opening Day at Exhibition Stadium, Doug Ault, acquired in the expansion draft, hits two home runs in his first two at-bats in a Blue Jay uniform. The first baseman's pair of round-trippers, the first two of only the 17 he will hit during his four-year big league career, helps Toronto beat Chicago, 9-5, giving the franchise a victory in the first game it plays in its history.

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