Blue Jays 0 Yankees 5: I hope that's the last time we see Hiroki Kuroda

You deserved better Mark. - USA TODAY Sports

We just can't hit Hiroki Kuroda.

Blue Jays 0 Yankees 5

We just can't hit Hiroki Kuroda. Tonight, in 8 innings, we had 2 hits off him. Melky Cabrera's double to start the game off (and we couldn't score him) and Edwin Encarnacion's single in the 7th.

In 3 starts against the Jays, this year, Kuroda has a 1.69 ERA and, honestly, I figured it would be lower. We've had 11 hits against him in 21.1 innings.

The same two managed to hit against Preston Claiborne in the 9th. This time Melky singled and Edwin doubled. That was it for hits, everyone else had 0 fors. Munenori Kawasaki took a walk in the third, a nice at bat, and then got picked off at first. So we had 5 baserunners in total.

Mark Buehrle deserved better. He went 6 innings, allowed 6 hits, 3 walks, and struck out 5. 5 earned against him but 2 of those runs scored after he was pulled from the game. Starting off the 7th, Mark gave up a ground rule double, a single and another double, and left with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Aaron Loup came in and allowed both to score. Esmil Rogers pitched a scoreless 8th, allowing just a single to Lyle Overbay, but getting Vernon Wells and someone named David Adams to strikeout.

Going back to Buehrle, Brett Gardner tripled on his second pitch of the game, the Yankees scored him but Mark wouldn't give up another hit until the 5th.

Melky could have helped Buehrle out, if he could run. The Gardner triple should have been a double (at worst) and the ground rule double, that started the 8th, should have been an out. But we need Melky's bat.

Jays of the Day: No one. Melky led us with a .037 WPA but his defense would negate that.

Suckage: Jose Bautista (-.110, for an 0 for 4, k) and J.P. Arencibia (.094, 0 for 4, k). I don't like JP backing cleanup against a right-handed pitcher, but then Adam Lind (-.090, 0 for 3) wasn't much better.

That was a quick game, 2:28, but we still managed 616 comments from 30 of us. I led the way tonight.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Tom Dakers 88
2 shortofbrillant 83
3 Damaso's Burnt Shirt 54
4 TFSML 53
5 ABsteve 48
6 jays182 37
7 Qd6 37
8 Minor Leaguer 35
9 domefan 33
10 MjwW 32
11 Belisarius 28
12 brigstew 21
13 fishedin 16
14 REMO 9
15 Goldenhawk99 7
16 fatpuppy 5
17 JaysfanAtlanta 4
18 McBluejays 4
19 Raffa 4
20 leafs71 2
21 fim 2
22 expos&nordiques4ever 2
23 DaveJ 2
24 dchoubak 2
25 Ellipses 2
26 Super Bass Hallways 2
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