Blue Jays 3 Braves 0: Who saw a shutout coming?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 3 Braves 0

Who saw that coming?

Esmil Rogers making his first start since 2011, and 2 guys that were in Triple-A yesterday, pitch 8 scoreless innings. Then our closer, who was too sore to throw yesterday, when we really needed him, comes in to throw a perfect 9th.

It is hard to believe.

Esmil had to work for his 3.1 scoreless innings. He gave up 3 hits, walked 2 and struck out 4. He was helped out by a nice double play in the first inning, Emilio Bonifacio came in on a ball, touched second and made a nice throw to first. Then, in the second inning, Freddie Freeman (who must have been named by Stan Lee) led off with a triple. Rogers walked Brian McCann, struck out Dan Uggla. Then Juan Francisco one back to Esmil, who chased and tagged out Freeman, who got out into no-mans land.

After a single and hit batter put 2 on with 1 out in the 4th, Juan Perez came into the game and held the Braves off the board for another 2.2 innings. Then it was Neil Wagner's turn to throw 2 scoreless innings, allowing just 1 hit, with 2 strikeouts. I hope he gets to stay around a bit.

On offense, we only had 8 hits, all singles, 3 each for Melky Cabrera and Edwin Encarnacion and 2 for Emilio Bonifacio.. We did take 7 walks.

Jays of the Day are Melky (.213 WPA), Perez (.194), Wagner (.096) and Rogers (.093).

No Suckage Jays, Bautista had the low mark at -.078, off an 0 for 4, strikeout and walk.

The Jays didn't make any roster moves after the game, but I'd imagine they might do something tomorrow.

There were 54 commenters and 1,377 comments in Carm's Anniversary GameThread. I'm sure she and No Bunting are out paining the town. shortofbrillant led the way with 160 comments.

# Commenter # Comments
1 shortofbrillant 160
2 Bowling_Guy25 122
3 MjwW 111
4 expos&nordiques4ever 74
5 Sniderlover 65
6 Qd6 60
7 Ryan H 56
8 Belisarius 53
9 ABsteve 53
10 Maj. Major Major Major 52
11 Super Bass Hallways 51
12 GatorJay 50
13 Janz_V84 42
14 Redonred 33
15 mudit.rawat 28
16 coolhand5 27
17 Awayce 26
18 MartsB 25
19 Alan F. 24
20 StreakyJays 23
21 REMO 23
22 ThatsRobbery 22
23 Thorkun 17
24 fishedin 16
25 PFHLai 13
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