Blue Jays 1 Mariners 8: The beer isn't working anymore

Tom Szczerbowski

Mariners 8 Blue Jays 1

I was so looking forward to turning the page of the calender. April was so awful, May had to be better. Wrong again.

Anyway, another game, another loss.

R.A. Dickey gave up a leadoff homer to Michael Sanders. After that he got 10 straight outs. Then the wheels fell off. Single, ground out, walk, walk, grand slam. The grand slam pitch looked like a pretty good knuckleball, but Dustin Ackley got his bat on it nice and square. Sanders hit another home run in the 5th, M's got another run in the 6th and Brett Cecil gave up a run in the 9th.

Offensively, I don't know what to say. we had 6 hits and 4 walks and had our chances. We loaded the bases in the 1st, then Colby Rasmus and Rajai Davis each struck out. We got 2 on in the 3rd but again didn't score. After that, not much. We did score in the 7th. Davis walked, Blanco doubled and Kawasaki hit a sac fly. That was our run.

2 hits for Edwin Encarnacion, 1 each for Melky Cabrera, Jose Bautista, Rajai Davis and Henry Blanco. Blanco's bloop double was the only extra base hit. Remember when we were complaining about too many home runs? Well, not too many, but complaining that too high a percentage of our runs came from home runs. It has stopped happening.

Not much else to say. Our defense looks better than it did early. Small mercies.

I don't know. I would call up Negrych and Thole, not that I think it would make a big change. I'll admit, if I was Alex I'd be thinking of changing up the hitting coach and maybe the pitching coach. I know it's not their fault and I know it really wouldn't do anything but nothing is working right now.

Jays of the Day: Ha. Edwin led the way with a .090 WPA.

Suckage: R.A. (-.264) and Colby (-.136).

573 comments from 49 of us, who would rather watch bad baseball than enjoy the sunshine. Shortofbrillant led the way with 79.

# Commenter # Comments
1 shortofbrillant 79
2 Tom Dakers 62
3 Alan F. 54
4 Janz_V84 29
5 Jakerrr 25
6 Nadia 24
7 MapleMan 21
8 MjwW 21
9 GatorJay 20
10 JaysfanDL 19
11 Woodman663 18
12 Gerse 16
13 fishedin 16
14 Kevin Haddad 16
15 Punisher88888 15
16 JaysSaskatchewan 14
17 ABsteve 13
18 Belisarius 10
19 PFHLai 8
20 Diamond_D86 8
21 mr10am 8
22 jmauer09 7
23 jays182 7
24 Marcos Montenegro 6
25 Playoffs!!!!1 6
26 Super Bass Hallways 6
27 hansdampf 6
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