Absolutes aren't always absolute, this is baseball, and Tracking not Timing!!

This is my first post so it's not overly polished but I think I get my points across.

I'm surprised at the view so many Blue Jays fans had of Adam Lind's 2012 at the begining of this year. After he came back from AAA he hit .296/.364/.473, if those were the numbers Adam put up this year I think people would have been happy. It was hidden to most I guess from the terrible month before he got sent down. He was our second best hitter the second half last year.

I find it annoying that I keep reading that Adam Lind didn't have a good April and started hitting well in May. It was 4 games!! He was 0-13 with 1BB in those games, after that he was 11-32 with 11BB. That's .343/.500/.438 and I remember 3 balls caught on the warning track and another in Baltimore that would have been a HR if it wasn't freezing cold that night. He's been hitting like this since spring training started, we shouldn't still be so shocked.

As well I've read in numerous articles and posts on here that Lind has completely sucked for the 3 years since his 2009 year. Well that's false he did stink the first 3 months in 2010 but the last 3 and the first 3 in 2011 he played well. In 130 games he hit .290,29 2B,30 HR,85 RBI's real quality numbers. I believe the last 3 months of 2011 were a result of the back problems. 2012 I've already said.

Now an absolute to be defunked is Lind vs LHP. Lind can't hit them, really?? For all the guys that put out numbers and these fansgraphs seamingly everyday what do the numbers really mean and say. Well sometimes a lot but sometimes they hide things. Career stats against LHP .230/.271/.355 not very good

Now he's faced about 100 LHP in his career someone probably has an exact number. Against Mark Hendrickson, Jon Lester, Matt Thornton, Phile Coke, J.P.Howell, Jason Vargas, Boone Logan, Andy Pettitte, Randy Choate, Davis Price, and our Mark Buehrle he should almost NEVER hit. Against these 11 guys he's 20-187 with 5 2B and 8 rbi's, brutal.

Against all the others about 85-90%, he hits .271/.309/431 with 22 2B,4 3B,19HR in 545AB actually respectable. There's probably another 10 guys he doesn't hit but few AB against,which would improve those numbers but that's good enough to make my point.

Lind also does hit the odd top level lefty contrary to some beliefs. C.J. Wilson(5-10) and C.C.Sabathia(7-15) are a couple examples. Did you know that Adam's .467avg is the best of all Blue Jays against Sabathia?? Bautista(2-23)Arencibia(2-20)Rasmus(0-6)Cabrera(2-7)Lawrie(2-11)Encarnacion(9-35) and Davis(7-40)are the career numbers for them against C.C.. That's a 24-142 or a .169 avg. I don't understand why people would want Rajai to play instead of Lind against him just because he's right handed. Absolutes aren't always absolute.

Adam Lind shouldn't play 100% against or 0% against LHP, it should be about 75% of the time when we get Reyes and Lawrie back(although a month in AAA may do him some good), this has been a problem of previous managers. I think/hope Gibbons will do better at selecting when Lind needs to sit.

Now lets look at Melky Cabrera vs LHP, Career .278/334/403 respectable numbers.

It seems suspect that 2011 and 2012 .339 avg .533 slg 15HR in 336AB hmmmm, so without those years .248 avg .348 slg, 11HR in 885AB, well that's not very good.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised at the .227/.266/.307 1HR this year and be looking to see a platoon with him and Rajai Davis especially since he can't run very well. I think we over paid for a platoon player that evidence leans towards some ____ help the last 2 years.

A side note - Timing is improperly used to explain why players struggle, tracking the ball is what results in good timing. It's the most important aspect to hitting, that's why Bautista, Arencibia and Ramus have been struggling at times this year with breaking balls. It's not their timing that's off, it's the pitch recognition that's off.

In conclusion Adam Lind is healthy, confident and tracking the ball as well as ever, as long as he stays healthy he's going hit, and hit well with power!

It's great to see him and the rest of the Blue Jays with smiles on their faces, I can't wait to see them play friday and battle for 9 in a row.

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