History of the 10th pick in the MLB Draft

Kelly Gruber, a #10 pick in the MLB draft, back in 1980 - US PRESSWIRE

A look at how the 10th pick in the MLB Draft has fared over the

@craigwc suggested that, since the Blue Jays have the #10 pick in the first round, we take a look a look at the 10th draft, so I have a couple of hours to kill before the draft, why not?

Of the 48 #10 picks, from 1965 on, 39 of them have played in the majors. Those 39 have averaged a 11.2 WAR, but some of them are still playing. There have been more hits than misses in recent years.

1965: Pirates: Wayne Dickerson. An outfielder that number made the majors.

1966 Yankees: Jim Lyttle. Another outfielder, played 391 games in the majors, .248 batting average, in total a -0.1 WAR. 8 seasons in the majors, 3 with the Yankees and 4 with the Expos. He did have a pretty good rookie year, hitting .310/.355/.452 in 87 games. Career he had 4 steals and 15 caught.

1967 Cardinals: Ted Simmons. Catcher. He had a great career, 2456 games, 248 home runs, 285 batting average, 50.2 WAR. I thought he had a shot at he Hall of Fame, but he was never thought of as a good defensive catcher. Weak arm, but a .285/.348/.437 line from the catcher spot is pretty good. Moved to DH and first base later in his 20 career.

1968 Orioles: Junior Kennedy. Utility infielder. 447 games, .248 BA, 2.9 WAR over a 7 year career.

1969 Pirates: John Morlan. Pitcher. Pitched in 49 games, 4,.16 ERA, -0.1 WAR over 2 seasons.

1970 Angels: Paul Dade. Third base. 439 games, .270 BA, 10 home runs, 1.2 WAR over 6 seasons. I thought he was a better player than that, obviously I have a bad memory.

1971 Braves: Taylor, Duncan. SS. 112 games, 260 BA, 0 WAR.

1972 Angels: Dave Chalk. 3B. 903 games, .252 BA, 8.5 WAR. Played in 2 All-Star games, early in his career, later was more a utility infielder.

1973 Braves: Pat Rockett. SS. 152 games, .214 BA, -5.5 WAR. Really light hitting SS, hit just .141 in 1978 and then was out of baseball.

1974 Angels: Mike Miley. SS. 84 games, .176 BA, -0.9 WAR.

1975 Expos: Art Miles: SS. Never made the majors.

1976 Twins: Jamie Allen. 3B. 86 games, .223 BA, -0.4 WAR.

1977 Giants: Craig Landis. SS. Never made the majors.

1978 Indians: Phil Lansford. SS. Never made the majors.

1979 Expos: Tim Wallach. 3B. 2212 games, 260 home runs, .257 BA, 38.3 WAR. Tim played 17 seasons, mostly with the Expos and Dodgers. I remember him for his straight up batting stance. Good doubles hitter, 432 in his career. He was interviewed for the Jays manager job last year.

1980 Indians: Kelly Gruber. 3B. Drafted as a SS. 939 games, 117 home runs, .259 BA, 16.5 WAR. You all know him. He had 1 really good year with the Jays, 31 home runs and 118 RBI. Next best seasons had 20 home runs and 81 RBI.

1981 Giants: Mark Grant. RHP. 233 games, 22-32, 4.31 ERA. 2.2 WAR over 8 seasons.

1982 Royals: John Morris: OF. 402 games, .236 BA, -0.5 WAR. 7 seasons, none of them good.

1983 Padres: Ray Hayward: LHP. 19 games, 6.75 ERA, -1.8 WAR.

1984 Athletics: Mark McGwire: 1B. 1874 games, 583 home runs, 263 BA, 62 WAR. Best WAR of any of these players. You know the story, broke Roger Maris's single season home run record, and used steroids.

1985 Dodgers: Chris Gwynn: OF. 599 games, .261 BA, -1.3 WAR. Tony Gwynn's brother.

1986 Twins: Derek Parks. C. 45 games, .200 BA, -0.5 WAR.

1987 Padres: Kevin Garner: RHP. Never played in the majors.

1988 White Sox: Robin Ventura. 3B. 2079 games, .267 BA, 294 home runs, 55.9 WAR. Great 16 year career for the White Sox and their manager now.

1989 Expos: Charles Johnson. C. 1188 games, .245 BA, 167 home runs, 22.5 WAR. Very good defensive catcher, 'developed' power as his career went on, hit 32 home runs in 2001 with the Marlins. 4 Gold Gloves, 2 All-Star games.

1990 Yankees: Carl Everett: OF. 1405 games, .271 BA, 202 home runs, 20.4 WAR. Hit 34 home runs in 2000, with the Red Sox.

1991 Phillies: Taylor Green: RHP. 70 games, 5.16 ERA, 18-25, -0.5 WAR.

1992 Royals: Michael Tucker: SS. 1417 games, .256 BA, 125 home runs, 8.2 WAR. Played in the outfield in the majors. Pretty average.

1993 Cubs: Brooks Kieschnick: OF. 260 games, .256 BA, 2.2 WAR. Part time player for 6 seasons.

1994 Indians: Jaret Wright: RHP. 226 games, 68-60, 5.09 ERA, 4.7 WAR. He had a good year in 2004, going 15-8 with a 3.28 ERA with the Braves.

1995 Pirates: Chad Hermansen. SS. 189 games, .195 BA, -3.4 WAR.

1996 A's: Eric Chavez: 3B. 1529 games, .269 BA, 255 home runs, 37.5 WAR and still playing.

1997 Cubs: Jon Garland. RHP. 365 games, 136-125, 4.37 ERA, 22.5 WAR. Playing for the Rockies this year.

1998 Rangers: Carlos Pena: 1B. 1444 games, 283 home runs, .235 BA, 26.5 WAR. Still playing.

1999 Brewers: Ben Sheets: RHP. 250 games, 94-96, 3.78 ERA, 23.4 WAR. Made 9 starts with the Cubs last year.

2000 Angels: Joe Torres. LHP. Didn't make it to the majors.

2001 Astros: Chris Burke: 2B. 447 games, .239 BA, -1.2 WAR. played 6 seasons.

2002 Rangers: Drew Meyer: SS. Played just 5 games in the majors.

2003 Rockies: Ian Stewart: 3B. 477 games, .232 BA, 3.7 WAR. playing third base for the Cubs, but just batting .201 right now.

2004 Rangers: Thomas Diamond: RHP. 16 games and a 6.83 ERA. Last played in the minors for the Cubs in 2011.

2005 Tigers: Cameron Maybin: OF. 462 games, .248 BA, 8.3 WAR. On the DL with the Padres right now.

2006 Giants: Tim Lincecum: RHP: 201 games, 83-61, 3.39 ERA. NL Cy Young in 2008 and 2009.

2007 Giants: Madison Bumgarner: LHP. 99 games, 40-34, 3.24 ERA, 9.2 WAR.

2008 Astros: Jason Castro. C. 205 games, .245 BA, 3.0 WAR. Has the full time job with the Astros, hitting .271/.329/.479 at the moment.

2009 Nationals: Drew Stroren: RHP. 188 games, 53 saves, 3.12 ERA, 2.6 WAR.

2010 Athletics: Michael Choice. OF. Playing in Triple-A.

2011 Padres: Cory Spangenberg. 2B. Playing in High-A

2012 Rockies: David Dahl. Playing A-ball.

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