LOBster Day Sunday June 9, 2013 Links

JPA tags out Berkman at the back end of the game saving double play in the 10th inning. - Tom Szczerbowski

Yesterday's record tying for most innings played game didn't seem like it was going to go long, but it did. Winning the game was better than losing (duh) which made this 18 inning game somewhat bearable. You would think the Jays and the Rangers had yesterday's longest game except the Mets and Marlins who played an even longer game than the Jays (20 innings!) and left even more runners in scoring position. The title is the snide term for runners Left On Base coined by someone else. Onto the Links.


Toronto Blue Jays win longest game in 18 innings | Toronto Star
The Star's Recap: Rajai Davis single scores Emilio Bonifacio to beat Texas Rangers in longest game in Jays history.

Davis’ single ends marathon game as Jays beat Rangers in 18 innings - The Globe and Mail
The Globe's Recap: The 18 innings equalled the Blue Jays’ club record — they played 18 against the Los Angeles Angels on July 28, 2005

Rangers can’t make it to finish in 18-inning marathon | Texas Rangers | Texas Rangers ...
Recap from the Texas Side: Mistakes prove costly in Toronto for Texas and hard-luck loser Ross Wolf.


The Southpaw: The clock ticks...
As of the end of the month of May, the Jays can be fairly confident they have recovered their footing, in terms of the inexplicable awfulness which was April.


MLB: Marlins outlast Mets in 20 innings | Toronto Star
Former Blue Jays Adeiny Hechavarria, Shaun Marcum key players in deciding frame, same day Jays play longest game in team history.

Battle between Cubs and rooftop owners outside Wrigley Field heating up - The Globe and Mail
Famous seats have become a high-stakes battleground in the effort to turn baseball’s lovable losers into a consistent contender

Texas Rangers pitching staff in disarray after 18-inning loss | Texas Rangers Blog
You think the Jays have problems with the pen after the 18 inning win? You have to look at the other side and realize they're in a tougher spot (not by much.)

Stolen base attempts: an algorithm for allocating run value
From Hardball Times: A method for calculating risk and reward

Jose Canseco’s independents daze
From Hardball Times: Baseball, Canseco and controversy keep finding one another.

Cooperstown Confidential: Horace Stoneham’s real legacy
From Hardball Times: He wasn't Horace the Horrible.


Baseball History - June 9th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1999 After being ejected in the 12th inning by plate umpire Randy Marsh for arguing a catcher's interference call, Bobby Valentine returns to the dugout with a fake mustache and glasses. The National League will suspend the Mets' manager for two games and fine him for using the disguise.

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