A Canada Day Blue Jay Win. Jose Reyes and Mark DeRosa Homer

Jose Bautista scores - Tom Szczerbowski

Tigers 3 Blue Jays 8

Looking at the Jays batting order, before the game, we figured if we got a couple of runs, we'd be happy, and Dickey would have to be good. Didn't turn out that way.

Our batters enjoyed hitting against Jose Alvarez, we got 6 hits against him, with 5 runs, 4 earned, 3 walks, in just 3 innings. 3 more runs off Luke Putkonen and we had a laugher.

It is nice to have Jose Reyes back, he had 3 hits, including a home run. That gives us 5 Jose homers in the last 3 days.

Rajai Davis had 2 hits, a double, and 2 steals, one on a rainbow throw back to the pitcher from the catcher. Very smart baseball. Our emergency cleanup hitter, Mark DeRosa hit a 3-run homer. J.P. Arencibia had a 2-run single (to go with 3 strikeouts). Everyone in our lineup had a hit except Colby Rasmus (0 for 3, 3 k) and Josh Thole (0 for 3, 1 k) though they both had a walk.

R.A. Dickey wasn't great, though the plate umpire seemed to be having troubles calling anything in the lower part of the strike zone a strike for him. He gave up 6 hits and a walk, 2 earned runs, with 4 strikeouts, in 7 inning. Up by 6 in the 8th, Steve Delabar came in to put up 3 quick strikeouts. I wish he could have pitched yesterday in the tied 9th. Aaron Loup gave up a solo homer in the 9th, but we had room to spare.

Jay of the Day is Dickey (.139). The whole offense shared the work of the win, so none of them stand out enough to get a JoD. JP led the batters with a .076 WPA.

No Suckage Jays, Colby had the low mark at -.008.

Thole gave us an interesting moment. Back in the 2nd inning, with Izturis at 3rd and Thole at 2nd, Munenori Kawasaki singled, Iztuiris score, Thole ran through a stop sign and was out by 15 feet. If you are going to run through the stop sign, you better score.

We had a good Canada Day GameThread, 759 comments from 45 of us. expos&nordiques4ever led the way, showing true patriotism.

# Commenter # Comments
1 expos&nordiques4ever 85
2 Thorkun 66
3 Belisarius 49
4 MjwW 46
5 madrush 43
6 Tom Dakers 43
7 BigJ95 38
8 stolarz88 37
9 Pikachu 35
10 TonyWalsh 33
11 Hathorian 31
12 Diamond_D86 30
13 GatorJay 21
14 fatpuppy 20
15 JaysCraze 17
16 Cranky50 17
17 Ellipses 12
18 shortofbrillant 11
19 Infield Triple 11
20 HabsFanInCalgary! 11
21 leafs71 9
22 Awayce 9
23 Redonred 9
24 fishedin 8
25 Janz_V84 8
26 Daedalus685 8
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