Trade Ideas For The Jays

With the trade-deadline approaching I thought Id get some thoughts on 2 outside the box trade ideas I have for AA. I'm interested to hear your opinions in the comments. These players aren't exactly on the block, but hopefully the deals aren't too far off.

Here it goes:

#1: Three-Way Deal

BlueJays Get: SP Homer Bailey

Reds Get: CF Colby Rasmus, SP Jake Peavy

WhiteSox Get: SP Esmil Rogers, CF Anthony Gose, SP Daniel Corcino

Why it Makes Sense for the WhiteSox:

The team is out of contention and has a very weak farm. Peavy is likely to be traded and the Matt Garza deal seems like a comparable trade. Anthony Gose is a top young player that has fallen off the map this year, much like Mike Olt. Esmil Rogers has posted a .374ERA this year and has just 2 years of big league service. Another prospect from the Reds (I used Corcino for example) could give the WhiteSox enough to pull the trigger. This deal provides the WhiteSox with value slightly less than what the Cubs got for Garza. Kevin Pillar may be used instead of Gose.

Why it Makes Sense for the Reds:

The Reds are contending and would be getting the best SP on the trade market for the next year and a half. A Peavy-Latos-Cueto- Leake rotation would look strong in the playoffs. The Reds should realize by know that Shin-Soo Choo can't handle CF. Rasmus would provide the Reds with very strong D in CF, something they haven't had all year. With Choo in LF the and Rasmus in CF the outfield defence would look much stronger. Ludwick has had a tough time staying healthy this year, and Rasmus' .808OPS wouldn't look bad in the Reds lineup. Choo will likely depart in free agency this offseason, but Rasmus can patrol CF until Billy Hamilton is ready.

Why it Makes Sense for the Jays:

Homer Bailey could very well be our next ace... and this team could use an ace (who couldn't?). It may be selling low on Anthony Gose, but his bat is a major question mark in AAA right now. Esmil Rogers has been good but back of the rotation starters are relatively easy to replace. Colby Rasmus has been great but this seems like the time to trade him. His .351 BABIP is bound to fall, and his strikeout numbers aren't too appealing. I see him being around league average offensively for 2014, hard to replace but doable. Once he gets a raise this offseason I don't see him being much of a bargain.

Homer Bailey has never posted an ERA under 3.64, so many people may think calling him an ace is premature. Bailey makes 5.35M and is due for a raise in the offseason. The Reds may see Peavy as an upgrade and look to trade Bailey as a way to clear up payroll space and save the farm.

So here is the thing about Homer Bailey: his peripheral stats are GOOD. His FIP is just .280 and his SIERRA is .305. His FIP is tied with Max Scherzer for 6th in the Majors. His SIERRA ranks 7th in the majors. Starting pitchers like Bailey are hard to come by, and if the Reds make him available I hope we are all over him.

Deal #2: Now we need a CF

BlueJays get: OF Adam Eaton

Diamondbacks get: RP Steve Delabar

Why the Diamondbacks do it: The D-Backs have a logjam in the outfield and could desperately use a reliever. Delabar is an allstar reliever that is cheap and extremely controllable. With Parra, Kubel and Ross in the outfield: Eaton could become expendable.

Why the BlueJays do it: The Jays have a lot of arms in the pen and can afford to deal a reliever. Delabar has been strong but Eaton could become the BlueJays CF of the future. He is MLB ready and seems like a very intriguing young player. Before being called up to the Majors he never posted an OBP under .400. Through 146 MLB at bats he has a .372 OBP. He doesn't provide much power, but his OBP and speed combo could be extremely valuable. Having a league average CF for the league minimum would be very valuable.


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