My evening at the Nats (Canadians vs Volcanoes) Aug 19

Highlight from Monday August 19th game, won by the Canadians 8-4 (now one game out of first place)

Great game. Always great atmosphere at Nat Bailey....This is what i saw from the potential prospects the Canadians have on roster who played:

Robson. Nice compact motion. Works quickly. 92-93 on the fastball, a couple of 94. Offspeed pitch worked really well. Only one ball hit solidly (Ragira). Not many swings and misses, I think all Ks were called strikes.

Silverstein- Lefty 6'5" throwing 92. Lots of swing and misses, but when Volcanoes made contacts the ball was hit hard. Clear Inverted W (see i learned something from BBB). BJ brass in attendance (Raines, and possible Evans) and pitching coach looked happy with the outing. More relief prospect.

Lugo- managed to NOT swing at 2 pitches (one thrown at him, other bounced almost on grass). Free swinger. Nice contact. Better defense than sunday game, but still rushed a throw turning a DP. Strong arm. Did have a nice play backing up to 3B on a weak grounder, that Atkinson missed, and heads up play to catch the runner at 3B who rounded wide.

LB Dantzler- patience at the plate 2 for 3 with 2 walks. I still have not seen any display of his power in the games i have seen (0.538 slugging).

was sitting just behind the roving instructor for OF (some old expos guy), and he did summoned both Frank and Kalfus for talks during the game, following a couple of plays.

officiating was awful for second game in a row. Same ump who called a foul ball by a foot fair on Sunday (resulting in 2 runs).

On a perfect bunt attempt by David Harris, he was called out, even though he clearly beat the throw. I actually was sitting next to the team photographer, and pic with Harris' foot touching first, and the ball is about a foot from the glove. (note: Volcanoes were also arguing on the heads up play above from Lugo)

If anybody ever gets the chance to attend a game, i would totally encourage. Gorgeous location, great atmosphere... When i went to my first game early in season i was really weary because the drafting strategy from the Jays, means Vancouver does not get that many prospect (compared to Bluefield for example), and in fact we had probably none on season opener. By i now realise this is not really important. Yes it was nice to see Lugo and Robson yesterday, and i will follow them as they progress, but the big attraction is still the game.

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