Blue Jays 2 Yankees 3: Jays walked off, yet again

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Yankees 3

The good news, there is a really nice, quiet bar, right beside where the condo we are renting in Montreal is, and they have very nice beer and good food. And they put the baseball game on for me. Whoops. I slipped to the bad news without telling you before hand.

Whatever the beer I had was, I enjoyed it. I'm going to have to go back tomorrow and find out the name of it. They also did a nice sausage, which they gave us for free so I'm a big fan, I'll be back.

Yesterday we took a tour of Olympic Stadium and a ride up the tower there. Olympic Stadium might be the most depressing place I've ever visited. I monument to concrete and bad architecture. I read that the roof had 2,729 tears in just over a year. Maintenance of the roof costs about $1 million every year. It is just an amazing waste of public money. The nice man that led the 'tour' told me that they had roughly 15 events in the Big O each year. I'm pretty sure he was exaggerating.

The 'tour' was just the nice man leading us into the stadium and having us sit in seats near field level and then he told us exaggerated 'facts' about the stadium. No tour. No look around at the stadium. We weren't allowed to wander around. We didn't see anything except the field, minus the fake grass and the workers at the far end of the 'field'.

The trip up the tower was ok and the view from the top was great. I enjoyed it.

Montreal is great, I'm really enjoying the city, great food, nice folks. My lack of French really isn't a problem. People are nice. I'd say a little impatient. Several times now I've waited to let someone through a door from the other direction, only to be passed by someone behind me, shoving through the door at the same time as the ones coming the other way.

I also lost my camera here. Well, I say I lost, really it was my wife, but I'm not allowed to point that out. I bought myself a nice camera for Christmas this year, I'm not a camera buff but I thought it would be good to have a nice one for taking good pictures (does it say something about me that every time I want to say pictures, I type pitchers and then back up and fix it), and took it when we went out Sunday. My wife offered to carry it while I bought something and I should have taken it back right after, but later she left it somewhere. I'm so sad. My fault. I should have made sure I carried it, but that fact doesn't ,make me less sad.

Today was nice, we looked through old Montreal. Neat shops, great art galleries and a couple of cool churches. I'm not religious at all, but they were interesting.

Oh, this is a game recap. Ok, well we lost. We can't score. We can't bunt. We can't really do anything well. Mark Buehrle pitched about as well as you could home Mark Buehrle to pitch but we still lost. Without Bautista, Rasmus and Reyes we don't have guys that can string together enough hits to score much. And we got walked off, yet again.

Gose can't lay down a bunt when we really need one.

Jays of the Day are Sergio Santos (.171) and Muninori Kawasaki (.097).

Suckage goes to Darren Oliver (-.360), Adam Lind (-.145, 0 for 4) and Gose (-.168, 0 for 4).

Kevin Pillar had his first MLB hit, after going 0 for 17. Bautista goes on the DL. Maicer Izturis might be following him.

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