Hi All, another little article from me. Feel free to disagree vehemently, or to provide feedback as usual. Not sure yet, writing this intro first, but this article may come across a little pointed so I apologize in advance.

The reason for that is I am angry and I am a little sad. I am angry because for the first time in my life, I am a little ashamed to be a baseball fan. In a day or two, I am sure it will go away, and the rational side of my brain will kick in, and say it’s only a few bad apples. But reading the comments within Alex Remington's piece on "Why aren't there more Muslims in baseball" has absolutely, unequivocally appalled me.

I am sad because I was so sure baseball was my haven against this kind of stupidity. It was the place where rationale thoughts can actually thrive. Where people can and often do think before they write, and listen to the opinions of others. I know there are some areas that promote much more opinionated and vulgar discussion, but that’s what their meant to do and I choose not to venture into those parts.

However, fangraphs to me was a third-party neutral site that was close to BBB in terms of its openness and willingness to learn. I mean it’s the go-to site for stats. We literally go there to look at numbers and to read people talk about numbers. Yet somehow it’s been hours since the article was posted, there have been numerous, numerous, ignorant and racist comments, and yet not one person from their side has come out against it, or stopped the comments, or removed the particularly offensive ones at the least. Some of the people actually try to justify it as a critique against Alex Remington's "Try-to-hard liberal attitude" (paraphrased because did not want to have to go back and find an actual quote)

Alex Remington, who did a fine job with the article itself, still chooses to reply to the comments that actually make sense, yet turn a blind eye to everything else. (Maybe that’s what their asked to do, I'm not sure).

At this point, I'm starting to lose some of my steam. I realize, in terms of writing, I’m being anti-climactic, but I did not want this to become a prosecution. I'm very happy I let it out, and was seriously contemplating not posting this, but I decided to. I'm hoping (edit: actually I know) we have some people here who understand that people are people regardless of who and what they are.

Thank you for reading if you got this far.

- VB

Note 1: Editors, apologies for such a religiously charged Fanpost. I hope this doesn't violate any of the rules.

Note 2: Was not going to mention it, but no I am not Muslim, however, I do believe everybody has the right to their own Faith/the lack of one if they so choose.

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