the Canadians are NWL champions... again!

This is what great pitching looks like...

a recap of game 3, of the best of 3 championship between the Vancouver Canadians and the Gretzky-less Boise Hawks.

Ladner BC's Tom Robson got the start for the Cs. After a shaky first inning, with some hard contact, he settled down, and let's be honest that was it for the Hawks. Robson's fastball reached 94MPH and his secondary pitches (was sitting above dugout so wasn't sure what he was using) were way better than during the divisional game. His final line was 6.1IP 3H 0W 0R, and he left to a standing ovation of the sold out Nat Bailey stadium-likely heading to Lansing for next april. The ball was then turned to Alonzo Gonzales who has been solid in Vancouver, after a tough time with the Lugnuts, who came out to strike out the next 2 hitters to end the 7th, keeping the score 2-0 for the Canadians.

Up to that point the Cs offense had been pretty quiet, with most of the base running to the credit of Danny Lockart, the Hawks SS who probably had his worse night of his young career (well for him i hope it was his worse.) as highlighted by Minor_Leaguer, he might have been the MVP of the game (the crowd sure thought so). The Cs did get on the board in the 3rd. A "single" by Chaz Frank (gift from Lockart to be honest), followed by real single by Mitch Nay, set up the table for NWL MVP LB (little brad) Dantzler, who hit a long fly ball to CF, misjudged by Encarnacion and turned to a 2 run double (should have been caught)....

To the 8th.... A.Gonzales stayed in the game, walked the first hitter, followed by a pretty 4-6-3 double play started by Lugo (who was solid defensively through the playoff, after a though season...)... followed by a single.... and a ground ball out.

In the bottom of the 8th, the Canadians blew to game open with 3 runs, started by a double by Lugo and singles by 2 Canadian boys catcher Mike Reeves and 3B Justin Atkinson, and Ian Parmley.

a clean 9th from Chuck @closermentality Ghysels, and for the 3rd year in a row, the Vancouver Canadians raised the NWL championship trophy

CoD: Tom Robson, Alonzo Gonzales, LB Dantzler

Suckage: no one.... when you win the championship, no one gets this...

From a fan of the team, which i followed this summer for the first time, this was just wonderful.. The playoff atmosphere was special, and the stadium is ideal with 5000 fans...

As someone who follows the Jays farms system, it was nice at the end that we did get some real prospects, and the top 3 Nay, Lugo and Robson all had a significant part in tonights win.


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