Best (and worst) Blue Jays teammates wearing #20 and #14

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Now that we are in the year 2014, a very important question is upon us: who were the best pair of Blue Jays to wear #20 and #14 in a particular season? You probably won't be able to guess this one.

Year #20 fWAR #14 fWAR Sum
1978 Al Woods -0.5 Butch Alberts / Tom Hutton -0.3 -0.8
1982 Al Woods -0.7 Geno Petralli 0.2 -0.5
1984 Ron Shepherd -0.2 Geno Petralli -0.1 -0.3
1988 Rob Ducey* 0.6 Alexis Infante -0.2 0.4
1989 Rob Ducey -0.2 Alexis Infante -0.1 -0.3
1991 Rob Ducey 0.2 Derek Bell -0.2 0.0
1992 Rob Ducey -0.6 Derek Bell 0.7 0.1
1995 Domingo Cedeno -0.1 Howard Battle 0.1 0.0
1996 Domingo Cedeno -0.5 Tilson Brito -0.1 -0.6
1997 Woody Williams** 1.5 Ruben Sierra -0.2 1.3
1998 Pat Lennon / Mike Stanley 1.3 Kevin Brown 0.5 1.8
1999 Pat Lennon / Rob Butler -0.5 Kevin Brown 0.1 -0.4
2000 Brad Fullmer 1.6 Dave Martinez 0.8 2.4
2008 Rod Barajas*** 1.3 Robinzon Diaz -0.1 1.2
2009 Rod Barajas 0.7 Brian Burres 0.1 0.8
2012 Jesse ChavezBobby Korecky -0.3 Moises SierraEric Thames -1.2 -1.5

* Rob Ducey also wore #40 in 1988
** Woody Williams also wore #30 and #54 in 1997
*** Rod Barajas also wore #23 in 2008

A limitation to this analysis is that three of the players on the list had switched uniform numbers in mid-season, and unfortunately there is no splits based on what number they were wearing. So here we simplify by pretending they wore either #20 or #14 the whole season. For players who played for multiple teams in a particular season,  the fWAR numbers listed are for their contribution as Blue Jays only.

Who would've guessed that the best pair of #20 & #14 teammates would've been the 2000 tandem of Brad Fullmer and Dave Martinez? In 2000, DH Brad Fullmer slugged 32 homers with a .295/.340/.558 line with a wRC+ of 118 in 133 games. Dave Martinez, if you recall, was an August acquisition and still put up 0.8 WAR for the Jays. The right fielder hit .311/.393/.411 (wRC+ of 109) in 47 games with Toronto. Actually the Blue Jays were the fourth team Martinez suited up for in 2000, after the Rays, Cubs, and Rangers.

The worst pair--well, foursome--came in 2012 when Moises Sierra, Eric Thames, Jesse Chavez, and Bobby Korecky all had negative fWAR, leading to a pretty horrible sum.

Sources: Baseball-Reference.comFanGraphs

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