Thoughts so far! Blue Jays 2014

Ive been following our beloved Jays and have certain memories that seem to be more prominent than others.

I can clearly remember every player from our 92/93 World Series Teams.

Ask Me if I can remember all the teams between then and now?

No Way

I wish that wasnt that case but its true.

I was formally a CBSsports blogger but due to changes in setting fans are not permitted to post blogs.

I love the Jays and I feel like we have a promising team for 2014. We are solid in the outfield with a couple questions.

KEYS to Success

Colby Rasmus, the highly touted amateur player that Tony LaRussa used to love. He is solid in CF but we need more production out of his bat then he has produced. I would say 2014 is a big year for Colby, will he morph from a highly touted youngster to a viable starter? 2014 will tell

Jose Bautista, Arguably the face of the franchise and a huge success story. His work ethic, and numbers have been great. He is a great presence in the clubhouse and monster in the lineup. If he can avoid the D/L in 2014 that could be one major factor for this years team who is counting on him to be an anchor in the lineup.

Melky Cabrera, I was skeptical when AA decided to sign him because really he was a one year wonder. His numbers early in his career were barely starter stats. After a breakout season he is busted for performance enhancing drugs. Is drugs what made his power rise so much?? If he can produce this year it will debunk the steroid talk and we can move along. If he tanks his one year greatness will be exactly that , one year. I would say if he doe not produce this year we need to look elsewhere.

Brett Lawrie, This guy is as solid as anyone at third and we are so proud he is Canadian. This year if he stays healthy could be the breakout season we have been looking for.

Adam Lind, Did anyone recognize him when he stepped out for Spring Training? The goat is huge. He would fit in seamlessly on Sons of Anarchy. If Lind keeps up what he started last year we are solid at first.

Jose Reyes, The big acquisition, A major asset everyone knows that high obp, speed great defense. This season will depend on Jose Reyes playing 120 plus games this season.

Dioner Navarro, A veteran pickup brought in to fill a hole vacated by the strikeout prone J.P. Arencibia. Unfortunately A.A. signed Navarro after his best season by far in the majors. We def bought high on this guy. Look for him to return to his normal numbers pushin .250 not .300 . Personally I would have stuck with J.P. I bet he has a rebound year in Texas

The Rotation

R.A. Dickey This all-star has really one good season when the jays decided to pay big money for him. He was a lifelong minor league player before figuring it out. He is good but he is pushing 40 and a major injury risk. I hope he can regain some of that magic he had with the Mets and have a good season to propel the Jays to a good season. I am however not optimistic with his back problems. Back problems have equaled many promising careers to end prematurely.

Mark Buehrle: The man from the south side who pitched his who career for the White Sox,. He was always a top of the rotation guy but had to prove himself since he was a low draft pick. He never had a power arm. He was always a finesse pitcher who was a student of the game. In 2012 he pitched a perfect game in 2009 which was a highlight of his career. He is a great ball player and I dont want to short change him, I am a fan. I a just think his best days are behind him and he is not a #2 starter anymore. Lets hope he finds the fountain of youth or it could be a long season for Mark.

Brandon Morrow A pitcher who has a great strikeout ratio who always shows flashes of brillance. I dont want to compare him to A.J Burnett but I am always thinking that. This guy can be great but health issue( the reason the jays were able to get him in the first place) he is a question mark.

J.A. Happ Has not looked good basically ever in a Blue Jays Uni and I am very skeptical of this guys merits. I say through him in the mix for rounding out rotation. Would not place him above Rogers

Dusty McGowan : Could be a dark horse here and finally prove he was worth the wait. Big Upside possibility here.

Esmil Rogers, Kyle Drabek, Todd Redmond are three of many that could make the rotation. I would think Rogers is the front runner. Rogers could be a star but struggles with inconsistency. Drabek is uber talented but has issues with stress and health. His biggest question mark is how his arm will hold up.

Rickey Romero Oh how we miss thee when I watched you with awe and undoubtedly had you penciled in as a foundation piece of the Blue Jays future Dynasty. I wish you all the best and hope that you can get it figured out.

I hope the Jays can contend in 2014 but this rotation is so full of questions I am not optimistic. With this rotation it will be a stretch to keep out of the basement in the uber competitive A.L. East.

I will say Rogers, and McGowan have the ability to have breakout seasons which would solidify the back of the rotation. If Dickey had a rebound year, Buehrle acts like the proven innings eater he us, Young guys like Rogers, Drabek, and/or McGowan have breakout seasons the Jays will be there come September.

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