That wasn't fun: Jays lose to Indians

For some reason we have no pictures of tonight's game. Here is a kitten.

Indians 15  Blue Jays 4

Everything was bad about that game:


Dustin McGowan had three really good starts in a row but this one was terrible. 9 hits, 2 walks,  4 earned with just 3 strikeouts in 4.0. It seemed like everything he threw was hit. It was just a bad night for him.

Esmil Rogers came in and was better, 2.0, 1 hit, 1 walk, 2 k, no runs.

Marcus Stroman really seemed unlucky to me. A pop fly to left that Melky couldn't get to, a soft grounder that just missed Lawrie at second, an easy ground ball to Adam Lind and he throws it away. Some bad ball/strike calls, which seemed to be the order of the day. he had 5 hits, 4 earned, 1 walk in 1.1. I felt sorry for the guy.

Neil Wagner got hit hard and often in his time out there.

Utility man Steve Tolleson finished off the game giving up a hit and getting the last out. Maybe the best Jays pitching performance of the night.


We managed just 4 hits off Corey Kluber in 7 innings. 8 hits in total tonight, 4 of them doubles. That we scored 4 runs is kind of a victory. Kevin Pillar had another 0 for night, as did Edwin Encarnacion. Adam Lind had 2 hits. The others had a hit each


As well as the Adam Lind bad throw, on a ball that could have been a double play, Juan Francisco dropped a ball on a good throw to him. We were shifted around so he took the throw to second base on what should have been a double play. There were also multiple hits just out of reach of fielders.

Plate umpire:

Man he had a bad night.

Jays of the Day: I'm giving a JoD for those of us that watched this mess.

Suckage: McGowan (-.177 WPA), Stroman (-.136) and Edwin (-100). Edwin has looked terrible the last two days.

Not only was it an awful game, it was a long awful game. But it was just one loss. Let's get them tomorrow.

Amazingly to me we had almost 1000 comments in the game thread. We are committed or at least we should be. publius varrus led the way, great job in a losing effort.

# Commenter # Comments
1 publius varrus 140
2 ABsteve 102
3 brigstew 77
4 T-Ball 67
5 Tom Dakers 58
6 Diamond_D86 57
7 JaysCraze 53
8 fishedin 46
9 Pikachu 37
10 Raffa 36
11 spockster 33
12 Gerse 33
13 MartsB 33
14 e&n4e 23
15 MjwW 21
16 KevinInCT 21
17 TFSML 18
18 bryfryy 10
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