Jays Links for Wed, May 28, 2014

About the Jays

With the recent winning ways experienced by the team, there is a corresponding increase in the number of articles written about the Jays, their streak, and how they're getting it done from a number of angles. Since there are so many from a number of sources, I thought I'd put them here for everyone to read.

The 30 at Grantland - Cluster Luck

Jonah Keri discusses "Cluster Luck", and shows that from one angle, the Jays are due for some... positive regression? Pitching, on the other hand, should be a different matter moving forwards. For example, rather than having Mark Buehrle give up two hits in every inning, he should at some point start giving up six hits in one, and zero in all the others.

Jonah also discusses the Jays HR hitting ways later on in the article. Also contains this link showing the Jays have the best offense in all of MLB, which is nice to see.

Fangraphs on Fox - Dave Cameron

Dave discusses how the Jays improved by doing what appears to be nothing. I believe it's weird that FG on Fox would have an article about the lone Canadian team, but I guess they know what they're doing. To me this article is a credit to our GM. Many GMs in baseball don't identify the weaknesses of a team and focus on them (Royals are very bad for this), but this article shows what the Jays did to improve the team.

ESPN - Jays Adapt and Adjust, by Christina Karhl

Christina makes a lot of valid points about how the Jays have dealt with the situations on the team that needed to be addressed. Again, credit to the GM and Manager for coming up with generally effective solutions. To many times in the league and in gamethreads you hear people mention how they think something should be done, and a team just does nothing (imagine how many times this happens on other teams that we don't know about!), but the Jays have made an effort.

Yahoo - Winning Increases TV Ratings

Maybe Rogers will see this huge ratings increase (and hope it stays - keep watching guys!) and green light some upgrades. The ratings at the bottom also show how badly TSN is getting killed these days, all those CBC HNIC broadcasts are soon going to be Rogers too. TSN really needs the Raptors to get to the 3rd round someday.

ESPN Podcast (Insider?) - Tim Kurkijan talks about the Blue Jays' recent hot streak and other things we don't care about.

ESPN Podcast - Buster Olney - Some other talk happens, later on Jerry Crasnick on the Mets and whether the surging Blue Jays can keep it going.

Around the League

ESPN - AL All-Star Debates

David Schoenfield discusses who's likely and who should get in to the All Star game, because apparently it's never too early. This post contains a number of Jays references, like telling us how Edwin might get squeezed out. There's plenty of time for Edwin to make himself un-ignorable.

Defensive Efficiency around MLB

Readers might note that the Jays are the worst at turning flyballs into outs, especially ones to deep parts of the field. Basically, Melky and to a lesser degree Bautista just can't run them down, or run in some weird way.

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