AL East Pitching Matchups June 2-June 8

The Jays currently lead the division and are TEN games above .500. This calls for a fan post. The division seems to be more interesting to watch than ever before, so I thought I would highlight the pitching match ups for each team to make it easier for everyone to keep track of. Should be a good week of baseball!


The Jays play 3 in Detroit and 3 at home against the Cards. They face righties in their first 5 games, 3 of which who have struggled quite a bit vs. lefties in their career. The Jays lineup should look to do some damage against Justin Verlander as well, who is not looking like his usual self early on. The Jays pitchers will avoid facing Matt Adams, who was recently placed on the DL. Anibal Sanchez has yet to give up a homerun this year, but he also hasn't faced this Jays offence.


Hutchison (R) vs. Sanchez (R)

Dickey (R) vs. Porcello (R)

Happ (L) vs. Verlander (R)

Stroman (R) vs. Lynn (R)

Buehrle (L) vs. Miller (R)

Hutchison (R) vs. Garcia (L)

New York:

The Yankees start the week with a makeup game vs. the Mariners before taking on the Athletics and Royals (in KC). The Yankees should have fun facing King Felix to start things off, but might not see Robinson Cano due to an illness. Lets hope a trip to face his former team gets him feeling a bit better.


Hernandez (R) vs. Phelps (R)

Kazmir (L) vs. Kuroda (R)

Chavez (R) vs. Nuno (L)

Pomeranz (L) vs. Tanaka (R)

Whitley (R) vs. Guthrie (R)

Phelps (R) vs. Duffy (L)

Kuroda (R) vs. Shields (R)

Bit of a tough week for the Yankees with King Felix, Kazmir, Chavez and Shields. That rotation is pretty weak behind Tanaka. I'm not expecting a big week from them.

Baltimore: The Orioles play 3 in Texas before coming home to play 3 vs. the Athletics.


Norris (R) vs. Saunders (L)

Jimenez (R) vs. Martinez (R)

Gonzalez (R) vs. Lewis (R)

Malone (L) vs. Tillman (R)

Gray (R) vs. Chen (L)

Kazmir (L) vs. Norris (R)

The Orioles look like they could go on a win streak early in the week. Gray and Kazmir should make it a tough weekend.


The red hot Redsox play 3 in Cleveland before heading to Detroit. They have an off day in between on Thursday. Daniel Nava has been called up and should see time vs. right handed pitchers.


Lackey (R) vs. Masterson (R)

Peavy (R) vs. House (L)

Workman (R) vs. Kluber (R)

De La Rosa (R) vs. Smyly (L)

Lester (L) vs. Scherzer (R)

Lackey (R) vs. Sanchez (R)

The Redsox face some pretty tough pitchers this week while on the road. Hopefully they cool off while there lineup is somewhat depleted.

Rays: They may be 10.5 games back, but it is still way too early to count this team out. They play 4 at Miami before making the short trip home to play Seattle.


Cobb (R) vs. Wolf (L)

Archer (R) vs. Alvarez (R)

Price (L) vs. Koehler (R)

Odorizzi (R) vs. Turner (R)

Bedard (L) vs. Young (R)

Cobb (R) vs. Elias (L)

Archer (R) vs. Hernandez (R)

Seems like the Rays have it pretty easy until Sunday, when they matchup against King Felix. The Rays will be without Will Myers who was recently placed on the DL, but having Cobb and Price pitch 3 out of the 7 games will help.

Anyways that is it for this week in the first instalment of AL East pitching matchups. Feel free to comment and reference the post to keep up to date on the AL East!

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