Post-Series Thoughts - 29 June 2014 (multiple fanposts in one)

Tom Szczerbowski

Disgusting. You may be thinking of the series we just finished vs the White Sox, but I'm actually referring to some people on social media, who, if you tried to guess the Blue Jays' record simply based on their posts, you'd think they were 0-84. Really. (I'll admit I was overly critical of McGowan during Game 3, and I'll own up to that now.)

The Blue Jays released their lineup roughly three hours before the start of Game 2. I was sitting at Bloor/Yonge station, taking advantage of their WiFi, while giving my legs a much needed rest after walking for 1.5 straight hours. And there it was. People giving up already. I understand being frustrated with a lineup, but waving the white flag before the game even starts? Come on.

It's as if the Blue Jays are never going to win another game, the way some people tweet. If you go back to my very first fanpost, which can be found here, you'll find that these Blue Jay fans (obviously not all of them, but the ones that DO do this have gotten louder of late), are guilty of some of the things I've listed. Such as calling the season over after a loss, and acting like they're in last place when they're in first.

When the Blue Jays were doing well in May, many were skeptic. They kept asking if the Blue Jays were "for real", triggering me to write this fanpost. They didn't think that the Blue Jays were as good as they were in the month of May.

But now, with our struggles in June (finishing 12-14), people are saying THIS is the real Blue Jays team? The one that had a not great, but really not that terrible month of June? Which, by the way, was still better than the June the Rays (9-15) and Red Sox (11-15) are having (as of right now), and with two more losses the Yankees will match our June record.

It's the AL East. What were/are the chances ANYONE was/is going to run away with this division? How many days were the Blue Jays in first this year? I may not know that number, but how many days were the Blue Jays above fourth last year? ZERO. That 11 game win streak BARELY put them in 4th place, literally by .00036 (.51351 to Rays' .51315 at the time), and within the blink of an eye, the Blue Jays were back in last place. So anyone who wants to complain about this season should just remember last year. I know I certainly wouldn't want to go back to that.

But maybe - just maybe - it could be another problem - a more-than-lopsided divisional split. Here's a stat that I've been tweeting to exhaustion, because nobody has seemed to notice.

(Note: "The Group" = Royals, Twins, White Sox, and the NL Central.)

As of right now, the Blue Jays are 45-39 with an 11-3-12 series record (11 wins, 3 ties, 12 losses). Their total score throughout all 84 games is 392-362. But split that up.

  • Win-Loss:
    Against "The Group" (26 games), the Blue Jays are 9-17.
    Against the rest of the MLB (58 games), they are 36-22.
  • Series record:
    Against "The Group", they're 0-1-7, with their only non-loss being the tie against the Royals at home.
    Against everyone else, they are 11-2-5.

  • Total runs:
    Against "The Group" they're -18 (113-131).
    Against everyone else: +48 (279-231).

I'm sure there are many other stats where the splits seem more than uneven. If anyone wants to look into it, be my guest.

You'd think that their struggles would be against the AL East like they have been every year, but nope, that hasn't been the case this year. Outside of the Yankees, the Blue Jays are 14-9 against the AL East (and even with the Yankees games thrown in there, they're still 17-15).

Which brings me to my final point. When I've mentioned that stat, I've been told that because of the Red Sox and Rays current struggles this season, the Blue Jays' AL East record shouldn't be looked at too deeply because wins against them apparently "don't count" (you know, like how some say wins against the Astros "don't count").

Same thing with how the Blue Jays were "supposed" to sweep the White Sox this series. This is another pet peeve of mine. Why don't wins against bottom ranked teams count? If we beat them, our win total increases. If we beat them, our record improves. It's not like our record stays untouched.

If wins - against ANYONE - "didn't count", then there'd be no point in playing those games, since you'd apparently have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

The Blue Jays need to play hard - and in my opinion, are playing hard - against everyone. Some games you have it. Some you don't. The season is far from over. Let's not throw in the towel just yet.

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