Homers by Francisco, Lawrie and Cabrera help the Jays sweep the Tigers

Observation: players are happier when they win than when they lose. - Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

5 wins in a row!

Blue Jays 7 Tigers 3

A sweep of the Tigers and a 5 game win streak. Pretty soon the Blue Jays are going to have to get some respect from the 'experts' out there.

It is nice to have a great offense. We had homers from Juan Francisco (2-run), Brett Lawire (solo) and Melky Cabrera (solo). And 9 hits, plus 5 walks. Jose Bautista had 2 hits, everyone else in the starting lineup had 1 hit except for Anthony Gose, whose hot bat seems to have cooled off. He's batting just .237 now.

Who figured we'd have such an easy time against Justin Verlander.

J.A. Happ, once again, had a much better start than I expected. He went 6.1 innings, allowed 7 hits, 2 walks, struck out just 2 batters and allowed 3 earned. He did get 3 double plays turned behind him, but on the other hand, the Tigers got a triple on an Ian Kinsler pop fly down the left field line that landed just fair and just out of the reach of Melky Cabrera. That drove home their first run (though, had Melky caught it, they would have scored on that as it would have been a sac fly). Kinsler scored on a Torii Hunter fly to center field. The Tigers' 3rd run scored on a ground ball that should have been a double play to end the inning, but Francisco bobbled it, and just got one out.

Chad Jenkins pitched 2.1 good innings of relief. He gave up a 2 out single and walk in the 9th and Gibby decided not to take any chances and brought in Casey Janssen. Casey threw 1 pitch, and got Nick Castellanos to line out to left, to get a one-pitch save. Minor Leaguer tells me that it is the second one-pitch save of his career (equalling Rivera's number of one-pitch saves). And it is the Blue Jays' 7th one-pitch save since 1988, when they started keeping records of things like that.

Jays of the Day are Jenkins (.123 WPA), Bautista (.131), Navarro (.130), Lawrie (.098) and Kratz (.095).

Suckage goes to Gose (-.134) for his 0 for 3.

We had 1232 comments in our GameThread. Pikachu led the way. Great job in a statement thread.

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