Help me get to Sunday's game.

Hello, I live in Elmira and have tickets to tomorrow's game and would like to get there in time for a bobblehead. Problem is, the Lakeshore is closed, the Subway is closed south of St. George and the Gardiner is down to one lane or something. I've spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out the best way to get there and I've given up. Will someone help this small town boy get to the game? There will be 3 of us going.

Option A: Drive down the Gardiner and park it. I am under the impression this will take about 10 hours.

Option B: Drive to Yorkdale, take the Subway as far as possible and then transfer to the provided shuttles.

  • Will there be massive lineups for the shuttles and how long will the shuttles take to go from St. George to Union?

Option C: Same as B but walk from St. George to the dome. Someone on twitter said it would be a 40 minute walk.

Option D: Same as B but someone suggested I take a streetcar. Where would I get on the streetcar and how long would that take?

Option E: Wilner told me to take the Go Train, but it doesn't run from Kitchener on Sundays. It run from Guelph but only occasionally. To get to the dome by 11 I would have to take the 7:00 train, which means I would have to leave my house by 6:30. The 9:00 train doesn't get you to Union until 11:30 and by the time you walk to the dome it would be 11:45 and they'd be out of bobbleheads.

Option F: Drive to Georgetown station and take the Go Train. Georgetown station is about an hour drive from me, We can take the 8:55 train and get to Union by 10:25, but this seems like an expensive option. I've never taken the GO before and the online fare calculator isn't working (for me at least) so:

  • How much will GO train cost from Georgetown to Union?
  • Is there free parking at Georgetown station?

Option G: Get off the 401 and drive south. Maybe take the 401 to say, Avenue Road and just keep driving until I get to Front St. and Park it. How long would this take? And I suspect there will be construction issues there as well?

Option H: give me a better option.

Thank you in advance.

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