2014 Draft Signing Table

Justin Shafer - Matt Ryerson-US PRESSWIRE

Minor Leaguer already created a signing table in the Library, but there's no ability to comment there, and in my opinion the discussion and link dumps are 90% of the fun and information value. As usual, post any links to information on signings/signability and I'll do my best to add it to the table and keep it promptly updated.

Past Years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Update 6/13: Per suggestions, I've added a rankings column, which is the draftee's average pre-draft rank of four sources: Baseball America (top 500), Perfect Game (top 500), (Kiley McDaniel, top 291), and (Jon Mayo and Jim Callis, top 200). It also shows how many of those 4 lists the draftee was on, since the average will be biased upwards by non-inclusion on a list vs. being ranked too low for inclusion. I did not include Keith Law's rankings from ESPN since they are behind a paywall, and he only goes to 100. I've also added a column to record the draftee's initial minor assignment, as they occur.

Final Update 7/19: None of the 13 unsigned draftees signed at the 7/18 deadline, so total spending comes $71,400 under slot with $92,94,700 in reported spending. The table has been updated accordingly, with all signability links preserved even if they contradict the final outcomes (ie, Todd Isaacs). Minor league assignments are current as of this date but will not be updated further. Thanks to all who provided links to info.

Name Rd Pos Class Ranking Status/Links Slot Amount Bonus vs. Slot MiLB
Jeff Hoffman 1-9 RHP JR 11 (4/4) Signed $3,080,800 $3,080,800 $0
Max Pentecost 1-11 C JR 13 (4/4) Signed $2,888,300 $2,888,300 $0 GCL/NWL
Sean Reid-Foley 2 RHP HS 20 (4/4) Signed $1,128,800 $1,128,800 $0 GCL
Nick Wells 3 LHP HS 124 (3/4) Signed (more info) $661,800 $661,800 $0 GCL
Matt Morgan 4 C HS 139 (4/4) Signed (more info) $458,000 $300,000 -$158,000 GCL
Lane Thomas 5 OF HS 137 (3/4) Signed (more info) $343,000 $750,000 +$407,000 GCL
Grayson Huffman 6 LHP J1 309 (1/4) Signed $256,800 $225,000 -$31,800 GCL
Zack Zehner 7 OF R-JR Unsigned (more) $192,400
Justin Shafer 8 RHP JR 306 (1/4) Signed (more info) $159,900 $125,000 -$34,900 NWL
Ryan Metzler 9 2B JR Signed (more info) $149,300 $10,000 -$139,300 NWL
Jordan Romano 10 RHP JR Signed (more info) $139,400 $25,000 -$114,400 GCL/APP
Jake Latz 11 LHP HS 286 (2/4) Unsigned (more)
Tanner Houck 12 RHP HS 335 (2/4) Unsigned (details)
Gunnar Heidt 13 2B JR 214 (3/4) Signed (more info) N/A $100,000 $0
Chase Mallard 14 RHP SR Signed (more info) APP/NWL
Ryan McBroom 15 1B SR Signed NWL
Michael Papierski 16 C HS 363 (3/4) Unsigned (more)
Quinn Carpenter 17 RHP J2 Unsigned (details)
Dusty Isaacs 18 RHP SR 415 (2/4) Signed APP
Cliff Brantley 19 OF JR Signed (more info) GCL
Aaron Attaway 20 SS SR Signed (more info) APP
Drew Lugbauer 21 C HS 303 (2/4) Unsigned (details)
Todd Isaacs 22 CF HS 268 (3/4) Unsigned (more)
Zach Pop 23 RHP HS 267 (2/4) Unsigned (details)
Conor Fisk 24 RHP SR Signed APP
Rob Winemiller 25 RHP JR Unsigned
Bob Wheatley 26 LHP SR Signed GCL
Owen Taylor 27 1B HS Unsigned (details)
Chris Carlson 28 CF SR Signed NWL
Chris Murphy 29 RHP HS Unsigned (details)
Kevin Garcia 30 C SR Signed NWL
Dave Pepe 31 2B SR Signed GCL
J.T. Autrey 32 RHP SR Signed (more info) APP
Chase Wellbrock 33 RHP SR Signed APP
Brandon Hinkle 34 LHP SR Signed GCL
Joey Aquino 35 RHP SR Signed APP
Yan Rivera 36 SS HS Unsigned
Michael Kraft 37 LHP SR Signed APP/NWL
Keith Weisenberg 38 RHP HS 80 (4/4) Unsigned (details)
James Lynch 39 RF J2 Signed APP
Trent Miller 40 OF SR Signed (more info) APP
Joe Claver NDFA LHP R-JR Signed GCL
Austin Davis NDFA OF JR Signed (more info) APP
Turner Lee NDFA LHP SR Signed (more info) GCL
Jon Wandling NDFA RHP SR Signed GCL
Brett Wellman NDFA C SR Signed GCL
Total 41 28 + 5 NDFA $9,458,500 $9,294,700 -$71,400
Total signed +5% $9,729,405 $9,194,700 -$534,705
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