AL East Pitching Matchups June 9-June 15

Last Week's Record:

Toronto: 4-1

Baltimore: 3-2

New York: 2-4

Boston: 0-5

Tampa Bay: 1-5

Pretty good week so far for the Jays! They’ve gained ground on every team in the division while up against two potential playoff teams. Today’s matchups will round out last weeks fan post:

Hutchison (R) vs. Garcia (L)

Kuroda (R) @ Shields (R)

Jimenez (R) vs. Kazmir (L)

Lackey (R) @ Sanchez (R)

Archer (R) vs. Hernandez (R)

The whole division seems to be up against tough pitchers today. Let’s hope the Jays can come out ahead. Now on to this weeks! Please note the stats I reference do not include yesterday’s games.


Dickey (R) vs. Nolasco (R)

Happ (L) vs. Correia (R)

Stroman (R) vs. Hughes (R)

Buehrle (L) @ Gausman (R)

Hutchison (R)@ Jimenez (R)

Dickey (R) @ Norris (R)

Happ (L) @ Tillman (R)

The Jays play three at home against the Twins before heading to Baltimore for four game set. The Jays face righties in all seven games and don’t seem likely to face a lefty when they play the Yankees to start next week either. It might be a good idea to send Pillar down for this stretch and give him some more at bats.

The Twins will head into Toronto with the recently signed Kendrys Morales on their roster. He will look to shake off the rust, as it sounds like he is expected to play despite missing so much time to start the year.

Nolasco has struggled this year but his xFIP is respectable at 4.16. He has huge splits this year as he has 3.12xFIP vs. righties but a 5.27 xFIP vs. lefties. Add in the fact that Nolasco rarely plays up to his xFIP, and it looks like the Jays lefties could really do some damage.

Correia’s xFIP vs. lefties this year is also over 5. He doesn’t have huge splits like Nolasco though, he just isn’t too good against anyone. Phil Hughes and his 3.56 xFIP will go up against Stroman in the final game of the series. Hughes has been good this year, but has been one of the most homer prone pitchers in the league over the last couple of years. If you are going to any of these games bring your glove to catch some homerun balls …. And maybe a bucket to help carry all of them.

The Jays will likely see the recently promoted Kevin Gausman in the first game in Baltimore. Gausman has an exceptional change up, so this might be the game to spell some of our left handed hitters (if they need a day off). Norris and Jimenez both have struggled this year with large splits. Both have xFIP’s over 5 against lefties for the year, so the Jays lineup should have some fun. Having so many lefties and switch hitters really seems to pay off in these games. Tillman has slight reverse splits for his career, but has struggled vs. both sides this year to the tune of a 4.71 xFIP. He threw 8 innings of 3 hit ball his first time against the Jays this year, before getting torched in his second start vs. this offence.


Norris (R) vs. Peavy (R)

Tillman (R) vs. Workman (R)

Chen (L) vs. De La Rosa (L)

Gausman (R) vs. Buehrle (L)

Jimenez (R) vs. Hutchison (R)

Norris (R) vs. Dickey (R)

Tillman (R) vs. Happ (L)

The Orioles play seven games at home against division rivals this week. Calling up Kevin Gausman really seems to make this rotation look better. The Orioles will continue to be without Matt Weiters but they should get Tommy Hunter back today. Baltimore’s most successful pitcher to date has been Wei-Yin Chen, who will pitch the final game of the Redsox series and miss facing the Blue Jays.

New York:

Nuno (L) @ Vargas (L)

Tanaka (R) @ Iwakuma (R)

Whitley (R) @ Young (R)

Phelps (R) @ Elias (L)

Kuroda (R) @ Gray (R)

Nuno (L) @ Kazmir (L)

Tanaka (R) @ Chavez (R)

The Yankees finish off their series in Kansas City on Monday before heading to Seattle and Oakland. For the most part, the Yankees face some pretty good pitchers this week and will be up against Oakland’s top 3 starters. New York will have Masahiro Tanaka pitch twice this week, meaning he will not pitch next week against the Blue Jays. It is kind of nice having the Yankees out West before playing them, even if both teams have an off day before hand.


Peavy (R) @ Norris (R)

Workman (R) @ Tillman (R)

De La Rosa (L) @ Chen (L)

Lester (L) vs. Tomlin (R)

Lackey (R) vs. Masterson (R)

Peavy (R) vs. McAllister (R)

Workman (R) vs. Kluber (R)

Boston plays three games in Baltimore before heading to Cleveland for a four game set. Bud Norris is expected to pitch game one of the series, despite a bruised forearm. The Redsox will have Mike Napoli back today, and could also have Shane Victorino back before the end of the week. Felix Doubront is also rehabbing, though it is not clear whether or not he will start one of the final games against Cleveland.

Zach McAllister will return from the DL as well and should start Saturday’s game up against Jake Peavy. Nick Swisher could also return for this series as well. It sounds like every injured Indians player wants to play the team they recently swept. Corey Kluber gives Boston a tough matchup on Sunday.

Tampa Bay:

Price (L) vs. Ramirez (R)

Odorizzi (R) vs. Wainwright (R)

Bedard (L) vs. Wacha (R)

Off Day

Cobb (R) vs. McHugh (R)

Archer (R) vs. Cosart (R)

Price (L) vs. Peacock (R)

The Rays finish off their series against the Mariners on Monday before the Cardinals and Astros head into town. The Rays had another rough week and now have to face Wainwright and Wacha early in the week. Having Cobb and Price face the Astros sounds like the recipe for a series win, but maybe the Rays will continue to amaze us. They do catch a break by not having to face Dallas Keuchel.

That’s it for this week! Let’s hope for another good week a top the AL East!

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