Blue Jays sign their first round draft picks

Yay. The Blue Jays have announced the signing of their 2 first round draft picks. Right-handed pitchers Jeff Hoffman (the number 9 pick overall) and catcher Max Pentecost (the number 11 pick overall) are both signed. As usual the Jays aren't reporting terms, but Baseball America's John Manuel reports that both have signed for slot value (approx. 3,1 million and 2,9 million respectively).

This mean the Jays have signed all of their picks in the first 10 rounds, except for number 7 pick outfielder Zack Zehner, who apparently won't be signing.

I'm very happy to see this, not that pushing back a pick a year is a terrible thing, but I like the picks this year and I'm glad we have them signed.

The official list of draft picks signed:

RD.    #        Player                        School Pos. B/T Class Player info
1         9     Hoffman, Jeff             East Carolina          RHP R/R JR 6'04" 185lbs AGE: 21
1       11    Pentecost, Max          Kennesaw State    C R/R JR 6'01" 190lbs AGE: 21
2       49    Reid-Foley, Sean      Sandalwood HS (FL)   RHP R/R HS 6'03" 215lbs AGE: 18
3        83   Wells, Nick                 Battlefield HS (VA)        LHP L/L HS 6'05" 175lbs AGE: 18
4      114   Morgan, Matt             Thorsby HS (AL)                  C R/R HS 6'02" 195lbs AGE: 18
5     144    Thomas, Lane         Bearden HS (TN) CF R/R HS 6'01" 180lbs AGE: 18
6      174   Huffman, Grayson    Grayson CC (TX) LHP L/L SO 6'02" 195lbs AGE: 19
8      234   Shafer, Justin             Florida RHP R/R JR 6'02" 195lbs AGE: 21
9      264    Metzler, Ryan S.        Carolina 2B R/R JR 6'02" 190lbs AGE: 21
10    294   Romano, Jordan      Oral Roberts RHP R/R JR 6'06" 200lbs AGE: 21 (CDN)
14    414   Mallard, Chase         Alabama RHP R/R SR 6'02" 185lbs AGE: 22
15    444   McBroom, Ryan        West Virginia 1B R/L SR 6'03" 235lbs AGE: 22
18     534  Isaacs, Dusty           Georgia Tech RHP R/R SR 6'01" 200lbs AGE: 22
19     564  Brantley, Cliff             Adelphi CF L/R JR 5'09" 170lbs AGE: 21
20     594  Attaway, Aaron          Western Carolina SS R/R SR 5'08" 170lbs AGE: 22
24     714   Fisk, Conor             Southern Mississippi RHP R/R SR 6'02" 230lbs AGE: 22
26     774  Wheatley, Bob          USC LHP L/L SR 6'05" 220lbs AGE: 22
28     834  Carlson, Chris         Cal Poly CF L/L SR 5'10" 180lbs AGE: 23
30     894  Garcia, Kevin            Loyola C R/R JR 5'10" 190lbs AGE: 21
31     924  Pepe, Dave               Pace OF L/R SR 5'09" 170lbs AGE: 22
32    954   Autrey, J.T.                 Lamar RHP R/R SR 6'05" 225lbs AGE: 22
33    984   Wellbrock,                 Chase Houston RHP L/R SR 5'10" 200lbs AGE: 22
34   1014  Hinkle, Brandon       Delaware LHP R/L SR 5'11" 180lbs AGE: 23
35   1044  Aquino, Joey          San Diego Christian College RHP R/R SR 6'00" 195lbs AGE: 23
37   1104   Kraft, Michael          Texas San Antonio LHP L/L SR 5'11" 175lbs AGE: 22
39   1164  Lynch, James          Pima CC OF L/R SR 6'02" 195lbs AGE: 22
40   1194   Miller, Trent             Middle Tennessee State OF S/R SR 6'00" 215lbs AGE: 22
-- -- Claver, Joe                           Illinois State LHP L/L JR 6'02" 190lbs AGE: 22
-- -- Wandling, Jon                     Southern Indiana RHP R/R SR 6'03" 205lbs AGE: 22
-- -- Davis, Austin                       Southeastern University UTL L/R JR 5'10" 180lbs AGE: 21
-- -- Wellman, Brett                    Auburn C L/R SR 6'00" 200lbs AGE: 22

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